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Kalimpong - A Beautiful Hill Station

Located at an elevation of 1,250 metres, Kalimpong is a sub-division in the Indian district of Darjeeling and mostly auspicious as a hill destination in West Bengal. The town and surrounding area contains variety in everything like the concept behind the naming of the place. Etymologically the name 'Kalimpong' means 'land of kings'. According to K.P. Tamsang, author of The Untold and Unknown Reality about the Lepchas, the term Kalimpong is deduced from the name Kalenpung, which in Lepcha means "Hillock of Assemblage".

Kalimpong is one of the most visited hill station in North-east India. It is because of the Himalayan beauty of flora and fauna, colossal mountains and their snow-clad peaks, spiritually developed atmosphere in monasteries and temples, warm behavior from local people, interesting culture and life-style, delicious Himalayan cuisine etc. Besides, the educational institutes here are frequently visited, most of which were built in British colonial period. The town centre is on a ridge connecting two hills, Deolo Hill and Durpin Hill. The National Highway 31 and 31A connect Kalimpong with the plains and the Bagdogra Airport about 80 km away. All these things work together as a perfect reason for people throughout the globe to come and have a sightseeing trip here.

Must visit places around Kalimpong

Nature Interpretation Center

In the year of 1990, the Nature Interpretation Centre was built by the Indian forest department. The wildlife of the hill and mountain areas can be briefly known through preserved samples, photos of beetle, butterflies and other animals while having a visit to this museum.

Deolo Hill

You can experience the charm of raging rivers Relli and Teeta and the mighty Himalayan peak Kanchenjunga, while you are standing on the height of around 5590 ft on Deolo Hill. The hill top place is not only famous as a view point but as a picnic spot too for its surrounding greenery.

Mac Farlen Church

William Sutherland, a Scottish Missionary, founded this church with the help of local people and named it after William Macfarlen, another Scottish Missionary. It is said that in early days, the lectures were given in 10 different languages including, Sanskrit, Chinese, Bengali, Urdu, English, Hindi, Nepali, Bodo, Tibetan and Lepcha.

Cactus nursery

Are you interested in botany? Do you like studying about various species of cactus? Don’t miss to visit the cactus nursery in Kalimpong. Several different kinds of species of cactus are displayed here.

Science City

The science city in Kalimpong is situated in the Deolo Hill. This centre spreads the awareness about different field of science and exhibits different kind of scientific objects. There is a garden inside which is suitable for children to play.

Lepcha Museum

You should visit the Lepcha Museum around 1km away from the main town of Kalimpong, if you have any interested in Lepcha culture, history or religion. The indigenous Lepcha people have beautifully kept what belonged to their ancestors, with safely and carefully. Several manuscripts, articles on custom of worship, handicrafts of Lepcha culture, different kind of musical and other instruments, are found in this museum.

Tharpa Choling Monastery

The increasing awareness among people about Buddhism used to be seen clearly after this monastery was built in 1937. This historically significant monastery is one of the first three monasteries in Kalimpong.

Tsonga Gumba

The oldest Bhutanese monastery in Darjeeling is located in the 10th Mile of Kalimpong. Bhutanese culture and tradition are exquisitely preserved, maintained and highlighted in this monastery.

Neora Valley National Park

This national park is spread over an area of around 90 sq km. Rocky steep hills and deep jungle, undisturbed from chaos of technical world is a perfect place to preserve Himalayan flora and fauna including many endangered animals like red panda, golden cat, and black bear etc and large number of different bird species.

Mangal Dham

Guruji Shri Mangaldasji Maharaj was devoted in the welfare of people, especially the needy and innocent ones. The Mangal Dham Temple is a memorial building and a tribute remembering him. Here you will find a divine atmosphere in the lap of beautiful nature.

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