List of Exciting Bhutan Honeymoon Reviews from Newly Married Couples

List of Exciting Bhutan Honeymoon Reviews from Newly Married Couples


Bhutan is the last green Himalayan Kingdom, shrouded in mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global development. It is the awe-inspiring Himalayas, and is a landlocked bounded by two of the world�s largest nations, China and India. It has a strong preservation of environmental policies; it is one of the top 10 global hotspots, and home to many of the world�s magnificent and endangered species of flora and fauna. Its glorious past and another in the future, Bhutan is a kingdom marching along the middle path, guided by a unique development philosophy of Gross National Happiness, where it means material wealth little without the happiness and fulfilment of its people. It is a series of hand-painted signs dot the side of the winding mountain road that runs between the airport and the Bhutanese capital, Thimphu.  A place of ancient monasteries welcome to visitors to this remote kingdom, a place of ancient monasteries, fluttering prayers flags and staggering natural beauty. Bhutan opened its border for the first time, less than 40 years ago. It has gained an almost mythical status as a real-life Shangri-La, largely for its determined and methodical pursuit of national happiness concepts.

History and Geography of Bhutan

 In 1947 India became independent and in 1949 India signed a treaty with Bhutan and agreed not to interfere in Bhutanese affairs as long as Bhutan accepted Indian advice on its internal affairs. In 1907 Ugyen Wangchuk was elected king of Bhutan and then in 1910 Bhutan and Britain signed a treaty. It lies between latitudes 26�N and 29�N, and longitudes 88�E and 93�E. It consists mostly of steep and high mountains crisscrossed by a network of swift rivers, which form deep valleys before draining into the Indian plains. The climate in Bhutan varies with elevation, from subtropical in the south to temperate in the highlands and polar-type climate, with year-round snow in the north. Western Bhutan has the heavier monsoon rains, southern Bhutan has hot humid summers and cool winters; central and eastern Bhutan is temperate and dries than the west with warm summers and cool winters. Bhutan also signed the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity on 11 June 1992, and became a party to the convention on 25 August 1995.

Best Romantic Place to Visit in Bhutan with Your Beloved

 In the Lap of Bhutan the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is adorned with the scenic landscapes, enchanting ambience and enthralling peaks. This quaint country is a cult for the adventure junkies and nature lovers, with plenitude of options for the adrenaline junkies; it offers nature tours in various forms of places with your beloved. Bhutan is also known for its cultural roots in addition to the fascinating beauty and appeal, known to be one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in the world, this Himalayan country showcases indigenous cultures, traditions and beliefs that holds its root to its ancient past which attracts the honeymoon couples.  Bhutan is a place of honeymoon in the month of December and it is ideal time to visit. As the air is clear and fresh with sunny skies, January and February are colder, but from then until April the climate remains dry and pleasant and in late spring the famous rhododendrons bloom spectacularly, flooding the valleys with colour. If you are interested visiting the place with your beloved as an honeymoon trip is best seeing the rare black-necked cranes, you are recommend at the Phobjikha Valley between late October and mid-February.

Honeymoon Package from Kolkata and Delhi to Bhutan

Paro is the usually the entry and exit point to Bhutan, and flights operate from Delhi to Bhutan via Kathmandhu and also bhutan honeymoon packages from kolkata, Bangkok via Calcutta. It can also be reached overland from India, but it is a long drive from the border to the main places of interest. Journey in Bhutan is slow as the one main road running east to west weaves its way over the Himalayan foothills and routes are occasionally closed by landslides. The beautiful scenery and the provision of a private vehicle and guides allow the opportunity to rest or to take a photograph. Flight timing is 12 hours via Delhi, Calcutta or Kathmandhu.

Top 20 Bhutan Honeymoon Reviews

1. Thimphu

 Bhutan is economical yet very calm, quite and very friendly for anyone coming from India or any part of the world and a better place to have your Bhutan honeymoon. There is direct flight from delhi and Calcutta to paro anf from there it is about 4 hrs to Thimpu the capital of Bhutan. There are many good hotels at Phuntsolling with reasonable price tag, well it will be very cold in Thimpu in December but who wants to venture out on honeymoon. -by Goutam,

2. Trongsa

 Honeymoon in Bhutan would be incomplete without visiting the new villages of Trongsa. The attraction of this beautiful place is the Tower of Trongsa Museum, and Chendebji Chorten. With the picturesque views of the mountainsa in the backdrop, the history of the Wangchuck kings can be seen from the forts of the district.The honeymoon best places to stay are in the Tongsa Dzong, The Tower of Trongsa Museum, and Chendebji chortan. Beauty of the place as for couples. One of the romantic places in Bhutan. -by Kushal Walia, travel triangle.

3. Punakha

 It was very comfortable and well arranged, hotels were good it was at this place. Itv was good luck for the couples for honeymoon that they got an excellent driver Mr. Gopal Roy who was always with them and stood beside them taking care for everything. -by Mamta Deshmukh, Denzong leisure

4. On Bhutan Trip

 The arrangements made to make the trip most memorable one and appreciable. Honeymoon couples love to enjoy the diligent and most courteous in making the travel a pleasure. -by Sanny, Bhutan travel tag

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