Kalimpong-Explore the beautiful hilly retreat

Kalimpong-Explore The Beautiful Hilly Retreat

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Beautiful and mesmerizing, a trip to Kalimpong is an unforgettable experience. This town is located away from Northeast, is a treat to the eyes and must always be on the bucket list of sightseeing in Kalimpong. From unlimited sightseeing in Kalimpong has everything to offer its tourists round the year. So are you ready for the experience? If you want…

Things to do in Kathmandu Valley

Things to Do in Kathmandu Valley

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Kathmandu is an incredibly busy, energetic and bustling city in Nepal. It is also the first destination that tourists opt for when landing in Nepal. But do not make it your ultimate stop. It is amazing to enjoy this captivating place and soak up its atmosphere. So, if you want to know about this beautiful city then there are an…

Benefits of taking up adventure sports in Darjeeling

Benefits of Taking Up Adventure Sports in Darjeeling

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Adventure tourism is one of the fastest-growing trends in today’s world. If it is Darjeeling then the popularity of adventure sports in this hill station has gained its fame in recent years because people look for more than just fun. Adventure sport in Darjeeling has some of the benefits other than just offering adrenaline rush. Major Benefits of Taking up…

Top 5 travel agents in Bhutan

Top 5 Travel Agents in Bhutan

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Travel agent in Bhutan has already grown up from its developing period and now is successfully providing delightful packages for the Bhutan trip. We all have a different outlook on travel agents. But Bhutan travel agents will surely clear out those confusions and make your trip hassle-free. Without spending a lot of money, you will get arranged trips within your…

Top 4 taxi services in Bhutan

Top 4 Taxi Services in Bhutan

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Transport plays a crucial role in making travel successful. If you are looking for a great escape to the kingdoms of Bhutan, then there is no other alternative than hiring taxi services in Bhutan.  It provides great convenience and flexibility to ‘get to’ and ‘from’ places without any hassle. It is one of the most reliable transports that not only…

How many days do you need in Bhutan?
What is a good itinerary for a Bhutan trip?

What is a Good Itinerary for a Bhutan Trip?

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The land of monks, monasteries, pristine nature and the tobacco-free environment is hard to find as a neighbouring country for many citizens in the world. But you are blessed to have Bhutan which is beautiful with natural scenery, heritage people and amazing hospitality in abundance. There are many eminent places to see and without an itinerary, it is not possible….

Bhutan Tour Packages - Book a Bhutan Tour Online
Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Tour – Is It Safe for Tourists?

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Being one of the most peaceful countries, Bhutan has lush green valleys and the air is so fresh that you would want to breathe as deep as you could. The most beautiful part of Bhutan is the locals. They are helpful and generous. Though it is a poor country, during your Bhutan tour you won’t feel that as most of…

Bhutan tour packages: Expectations vs. reality

Bhutan Tour Packages: Expectations vs. Reality

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Perched amidst the Himalayas, Bhutan is rightly called the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ and is the last Himalayan kingdom in Bhutan. With a myriad of tourist attractions and experiences to cherish for, there is no doubt how this nation managed to garner the title of ‘Land of Happiness’, for the happiest people on this Earth are living in Bhutan only!…