Five Best Summer Destinations in the World

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The word, “SUMMER” is itself exciting and fun.  Van Morrison once said some wonderful lines about summer. Here it goes, “Smell the sea, And feel the sky. Let your soul And spirit fly.” – Van Morrison After chilled winters, come the bright and fresh summer. Therefore, people get excited and come out of their homes. Summer is the time when…

5 Best Honeymoon Places in Bhutan for a Romantic Escape

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A honeymoon is an opportunity to connect with one another and get indulged in blissful romance. And let’s start with Land of Thunder Dragons! If typical romantic getaway ideas like strolling on sandy beaches or taking a spa are not your choice, then consider Bhutan as your honeymoon destination along with budget-friendly packages. Start your mornings with a steaming cup…

Seven Delicious Burgers In The World That You Must Try

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Beef, chicken, veggie, drenched in melted cheese and burger sauce, topped with pickles as well as onions – it’s hard to beat a burger! The above statement is absolutely true! Burger is a fast-food which is gaining popularity day by day among all the foodies. From elegant restaurants to Trendy Street, every food trucks are putting their spin on the…

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India’s Top Ropeway Rides

India’s Top Ropeway Rides That Let You Get Close to Nature

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Almost sounds like you’re presenting in a candyfloss Bollywood movie with almost everything, Doesn’t it? If you thought that these could only be done in Switzerland or in any other foreign country, you’re absolutely wrong! India is world-widely famous for having long as well as droopy ropeways that will definitely take you on an adrenaline-ride. India’s Top 5 Enthralling Ropeway…

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