Holiday in Bhutan, 24 Things to Do in Your Upcoming Tour

Holiday in Bhutan, 24 Things to Do in Your Upcoming Tour


Bhutan is a unique country both in environmental and cultural aspects. It is the world�s last remaining the Buddhist Kingdom perched high in the Himalayas. It has developed its stand-out philosophy of Gross National Happiness; where the development of the country is measured using a holistic approach to well-being, and not just based on monetary values. The population of Bhutan adheres to only Vajrayana school of Buddhism and the profound teaching of this tradition remain well preserved and exert a strong influence in all the aspects of life. �The Last Shangri La,� is the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan that inhabits a harmonious society within its pristine environment.

Get High on Adventure Trip & Plan for a Holiday in Bhutan

For your next trip, a package that invests your holidays to Bhutan will be ideal. So plan to take your backpack, camera and capture all the amazing things that are offered to you in Bhutan. If you are inquisitive about the cultural and the historical importance of a community, then it is best to take a tour to Bhutan. You can make your trip an adventurous one by going for a rock climbing expedition to vertical Bhutan where people are enthusiastic to new heights. When you are meandering on the roads of Bhutan, you also get the chance to visit the National Museum which is located at the top of a hill above Paro Dzong, which is an old watch tower.

Things You Can Explore in Your Upcoming Bhutan Holiday

1.Indulging your Taste Buds in the exotic Food and Refreshment of Bhutan:

 While there are ample of restaurants on the highways between towns, the hygiene standards at such places are also acceptable. But the quality of the food is very low and the choices of dishes are also limited in the servicing hotels and in restaurants. In addition to this, the dining halls offer an environment no better than a bus station waiting room. Therefore it is generally better to prepare food and refreshments for the journey at the point of departure. Famous vegetarian dishes are Ema-datsi, Kewa-datsi, Shamu-datsi, Cheese momo, Mutter paneer, Khuli, and Puta are made available to you in choice local joints.

2. Local Drink of Bhutan:

 Bhutan local drinks are popular in restaurants and in hotels that can be a part of your enjoyment of your holiday trip. And they are as well popular in rural areas. Poured from a special vessel is the Ara drink, tea, coffee, beer, and whiskey is some of the special drinks of Bhutan.

3. Traditional Handcraft Shopping at Bhutan:

 Bhutanese hand-woven fabrics are prized around the world, & it is available in many variants that are stitched into clothing, wall hangings, table mats, and rugs. Some of the handcraft materials that are woven at Bhutan are Woven cloth, Dappa, Yathra, and Bangchung.

4. Buddhism Learning and Practice at Monasteries:

 It is possible to receive the instructions on Buddhist practice at the monastery, through the discussions on their Buddhist philosophy is better to consult with the Khenpos or loppons (teachers) at the Buddhist colleges such as for Lhodrak Kharchhu Monastery in Jakar, near Thimphu or Chokyi Gyatso Institute in Deothang. Their learning or teaching will be loved by the tourists and outsiders.

5. Bhutanese Unique Design Cloth:

 It is very natural that you would like to buy traditional Bhutanese woven cloth. It is prized throughout the world for its unique designs and high quality, and there is a weaving centre in Khaling in Trashigang that needs a visit at least once if you are a cultural enthusiast.

Let Go of That City Stress in Nature�s Lap:

6. Taktsang Monastery:

 This is the famous Tiger�s Nest monastery in Paro and is one of the most important Buddhist sites in the World. Guru Rinpoche visited here in the 8th century on his second visit to Bhutan. Legend has it that he visited this notoriously high monastery on a flying tiger�s back.

7. Deer Park Thimphu:

 Events that are famous at Bhutan should be attended by the tourists during their visit. Deer Park Thimphu holds various Dharma related events in the capital, including weekly meditation sessions that must be attended with full devotion to getting a glimpse of the pious & ascetic Buddhist lifestyle.

8. Temple Built Around Cave, Kurje Lhakhang:

 At Jarkar, this is a temple built around a cave with a body print of Guru Rinpoche embedded on a wall. Guru Rinpoche practiced his first meditation here on a visit to Bhutan and as such, it is the earliest Buddhist relic in the country.

9. Buddha Statue, Buddha Dordenma:

 Gigantic Shakyamuni Buddha statue sits here under the mountains of Bhutan. This is the statue that will house over one lakh twenty-five thousand smaller effigies of Buddha, each of which is a replica of the Dordenma Buddha itself. That is made of bronze and gilded in gold.

10. The Dzongs Fortresses:

 Dzongs are the ancient fortresses that now serve as the civil and the monastic administration headquarters for each district. Apart from its architecture, which in itself makes a Dzong worth visiting, and they also hold many art treasures.

Activities & Things to Explore during your Holidays In Bhutan

11. White Water Rafting in Bhutan:

 Unlike for the stereotypic image of rafting where you are going against the rapids and on the strong currents, screaming with the joy and thrill, the rafting experience in Shangri La is different. Rafting in Bhutan gives you the pleasure of cruising down the gentle float of the river while soaking in the surrounding. Moving through some modest yet exhilarating rapids gives you the thrilling adrenaline rush throughout rafting.

12. Trekking on the Natural Landscape:

 Bhutan surprises you with its natural stunning natural landscapes, snow capped mountains, lush green valleys, stretches of pastureland, dense mixed forests, and crystal clear lakes. Bhutan also offers an excellent opportunity to undertake a trekking adventure. In the varied landscape of Bhutan, easy as well as advanced trekking opportunities are designed for both beginners and experts. Bhutan trekking holidays lets you interact with the local villagers and experience the rich culture and tradition of the country.

13. Bhutan Bike Trip:

 Bhutan is a country which is home to one of the oldest cultures and civilization in the world. Bhutan bike trip will always take you on a tour across several cities and towns, each that is enlightening & mystifying in its own ways. Travelers who love adventure ride can experience Bhutan bike tour and rest assured, there is no better way to learn the ways of a country. At the land of rich diversity, bike trip along the magnificent routes of Bhutan is an ideal venture to pursue.

14. Pilgrim�s Valley Trek in Bhutan:

 This is easy to moderate trip that aims to illustrate Bhutan�s essential inherent charms within a program. You can visit the sacred sites in Paro to Bumthang, journeying across this allegorical shin to retrace the steps of Guru Rinpoche, for the most eminent of Bhutan�s long line of holy figures.

15. Nabji Korphu Community Based Trek:

 It is an ideal Posy-harvest winter trekking in the Nabji Korphu, set out in Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. This park proudly boasts a rich ecological environment that is located in the Central Bhutan, also the home to several culture rich agricultural villages. On this trek, you can marvel on the varied wildlife and watch the Golden Langur which is also found in Bhutan and parts of Assam.

16. Sports Activity, Kayaking:

 The majestic river of Bhutan offers plenty of adventure water sports opportunity like Kayaking. Six key rivers in Bhutan and their tributaries provide a variety of courses as they are perfect for amateur as well as veteran kayakers.

17. Challenging Climb, Cycling:

 At the densely mixed, exhilarating descent forest and lush meadows, traditional villages and ancient Dzongs, cycling in Bhutan is the amazing way to connect with the unspoiled nature of the country. It is a unique adventure activity experiencing the rich culture and tradition of the country and its warm countrymen. It also offers a great opportunity for on road as well as off road cycling.

18. Thrilling Rock Climbing:

 It is a sport which is also full of adventure and thrill. Bhutan, Rock Climbing was initiated as by the �Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club� as early as 1998. Breathtaking view of the country can be enjoyed in its full potential by rock climbing in Bhutan amazing adventure.

19. Rich Lake for Fishing Tours:

 At the mystical lake of Bhutan with its glacier fed rivers and a number of rich lakes, it is a great place for fishing tours. Numbers of fish species found here are not certain as the country has been isolated from the world outside. From the large rivers to small streams at Bhutan, there are a number of fishing spots in Bhutan. However, you need to seek a permit to catch fishes in Bhutan.

20. National Sports Archery:

 Archery was declared as the National Sport in Bhutan in 1971. The history of traditional archery in the country dates back to 600 B.C and it started gaining its popularity in the late 1920s. In Bhutan, it is marked as festivities and competition as there are many archery tournaments are held in each and every village.

Trip to Holiday in Bhutan Tours & Travels

21. A Trip to Chomolhari in Bhutan:

 Chomolhari is an intimate wilderness trek which can offer a variety of trekking conditions. From the remote farmland and blue pine forests to the alpine pasture land and its breath-taking mountain views. It is a trek in this place for nature lovers who are seeking a Himalayan wilderness immersion and that are absolutely an unforgettable trek. You can hike through the heart of rich wildlife at this place of Bhutan.

22.Paro, Visit Taktsang Palphug Monastery:

 Popularly known as for the Tiger�s Nest Monastery is the Taktsang Palphug. It is one of the most revered pilgrimage places in the Himalayan province of Bhutan. One of the most visited tourist�s destinations in Bhutan and is a place that showcases the great traditional values of the country.

23. Punakha, Visit Punakha Dzong:

 Ancient architecture throughout the land of Bhutan is renowned for its marvelous Punakha Dzong. It is one beautiful piece of architecture. It offers a stunning sight of the luminous aura of the white washed walls on a bright sunny day. Add golden, red and black painted woods to the charisma of this striking architecture. A natural beauty, the Dzong is surrounded by the splendid lush green hills and clear blue sky as a backdrop.

24. Thimphu, Visit Dochula Pass:

 It is a scenic spot that is located more than ten thousand feet above sea level, while you are going through Punakha to Thimphu. It is one of the renowned tourist�s destinations in Bhutan. Panoramic view of the place offers surrounding snow laden mountains and the breathtaking view of this place with colourful flags fluttering in the wind and 108 Chortens. Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk constructed the Druk Wangyal Chorten.

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