Gorumara National Park Travel Guide and Its 18 Ideas to Help

Gorumara National Park Travel Guide and Its 18 Ideas to Help


Gorumara Tourist Information

Northern of West Bengal India is Gorumara National Park. Located in the Dooars region of the Himalayan foothills and it�s a medium sized park with grasslands and forests which are primarily known as for its population of Indian rhinoceros. By the Ministry of Environment and Forests for the year 2009, the park has also been declared as the best among the protected areas in India. Since from the year 1895, Gorumara was a reserve forest and the park was declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1949 on accounts of its breeding population of Indian rhinoceros. Indian National Park was declared on January 31, 1994. Among the neighbouring lands, Gorumara has grown by incorporating to about 80 sq km. According to the Gorumara National Park map which lies in the Malbazar subdivision of Jalpaiguri District in its Eastern Himalayan belt situated on the banks of rivers Murti and Raidak, the major part of the regions is covered with the wildlife reserve; the region is also close to the Bhutan border.

Enriched with Wildlife Forest and Sanctuaries with Its Guidelines

1.The best way to reach Gorumara National Park is from New Jalpaiguri which is connected with any part of India by Rail; tourists can hire a taxi or use the public bus to reach Lataguri or Ramsai. Also, the buses start from Siliguri (NJP) every 15 minutes towards Mainaguri which is a 90 minutes journey. Tourists can find plenty of buses from Maynaguri to Lataguri or Ramsai or tourist can reach New Maynaguri railway station by train. Some of the common train schedules are Teesta Torsa Express, Kamrup Express and Padatik Express which is 20 minutes journey to Lataguri or Ramsai from Maynaguri.  2. From the numerous well-located watchtowers at the park are the Jatraprasad watch tower, Rhino Observation Point, Chandrachur Watch Tower and Chukchuki Bird-watching point are the best way to watch wildlife at the park with the use of power binoculars, with night vision facilities at night.  3. Gorumara forest rest house is the Park Forest bungalow is an old wooden rustic cottage which has a watchtower which is overlooking the salt reservoir.  4.Gorumara National Park accommodation is also available in the River Wood Forests Retreats a 4 Star resort overlooking the Gorumara National Park and Murti River and at Gorumara Elephant Camp at Dhupjhora. If you visit this place one can stay in newly constructed cottages in the Kalipur village at the fringe of Gorumara built by the State Forest of Department. There are also many private Gorumara National Park hotels and resorts at Lataguri and Ramsai.  5.A live show of the ethnic tribal dance can be seen every evening in Budhuram Forest Village and one can also visit the adjoining forest villages to get acquainted with the lifestyle and cultural villagers. Also for the local natural history, one can also visit the Lataguri Nature Interpretation Centre for an interpretive exhibit.  6. Four-wheel drive vehicles or the elephant-back forays into the jungle and there are no ranger-led.  7. Hiking is permitted for the visitors on the metaled roads, but they are slightly unsafe considering the population of elephants, Gaur and Rhinoceros that are present in the park.  8. The park is mainly closed in the Monsoon season so it is always suggested that tourists shouldn�t visit during this time from 16 June to 15 September.  9. Best time to visit Gorumara National Park is from November to March. The temperature ranges from 10 to 21 degree Celsius from November to February and 24 to 27 degree Celsius from March to April and 27 to 37 degree Celsius from May to October. Rainfall in these regions mainly occurs between mid- May to mid-October about an average annual rainfall is 382 cm (150in).  10.As per the guidelines of the Dooars regions, no diesel vehicles are to be allowed into the park and you have to hire Maruti Gypse for the ride which has the open hood and they are perfect vehicles for Gorumara National Park safari.  11. Planning for the safari at the Jungle of Gorumara which visitors must know once you have reached the place than the best timing would be either in the early hours of the morning or in the evening. During the peak day time, animals usually rest and are difficult to spot.  12. Once you are finalized with the safari vehicle will take you to the forest office where you need to purchase a safari permit for the tour. With which you have to have a guide, the charges of the guides are fixed as mentioned in the rate chart. Tickets for the cameras are also necessary but for video cameras the rates are different and they need to be purchased additionally.  13. Diversity is the national park in terms of flora and fauna is astounding and it is the home to 193 species of birds, 50 species of mammals, 22 species of reptiles, 27 species of fish and 7 kinds of turtles. For all which the entry fee at Gorumara is 40 INR.  14. While you are Gorumara forest you can visit out the other nearby tourist�s attractions which include Jhalong, Bindu, Caron, Diana, Bhutan, Paren, Kalimpong Hills and Jaldhaka. 

Some of the Safety Advices for Gorumara National Park

15. Keep fire away which is most destructive of all forces forests and please do not kindle fires, throw lighted matches, cigarettes, bidis etc.  16. Keeping the forest clean is a part of the responsibility for the visitors and do not litter with plastic, paper, cellophane etc which are non-biodegradable substances and are harmful to the animals if chewed.  17. Picnics are not permitted inside the sanctuary. Entering inside the forest is also prohibited and you should follow the specific road path only. Disorderly conduct is not permitted.  18. Alcohol drinks consuming is prohibited inside the sanctuary be it a sober. Watch and observe the nature silently and you should not tease the wild animals. Speed for the safari is 20km/hr so drive slowly. 

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