The Mystery of Dowhill, Kurseong



Are you waiting for a chill down the spine? Are you a brave heart who wants to experience the eerie feeling of being haunted? Then you must visit Dowhill, one of the most haunted hill stations in India, to get a real thrill of a spooky adventure.

Located nearly 30 kilometers from Darjeeling, this hill station is one of the places you must have in your bucket list if you are looking for a date with the spooky creatures. There is no scarcity of ghost stories here. Dowhill is a small place with its orchid gardens, breathtaking vistas, tea plantations, and dense lush green forest and tea plantations. Between the Dow Hill Road and the Forest Office is the death road which no one dares to stroll down after 5 p.m.

The headless body and the hounding forest

You are not a faint heart and you really take pride in being called a person with a devil may care attitude. But when it comes to experiencing the devilism you must plan a trip to this haunted place at least once in a lifetime. The local woodcutters admit of seeing a headless boy walking and disappearing into the dense forest. Many have reported being stalked or watched over by a spooky entity. The phenomena of seeing a red-eye peering at them can also be heard. Another account of experience reveals that there a female ghost dressed from top to bottom in grey walking through the forest. Often the ghosts themselves don’t cause any harm to the visitors, but the people who visit the place are transcended into a trance-like state. Its a real-world feel of the creepy creatures which is still a mystery to many.

 The school amid the mystery land

A 100-year-old school named Victoria Boys High School is situated in the woods of Dowhill. In the evening, loud whispering and sound of footsteps can be heard when the school is closed during the winter vacations. Apart from the sound of footsteps and whisperings, an air of eeriness envelops the air as soon as the sun goes down. It is a heaven for those who are looking for a paranormal encounter. You may have a lot of stories to tell once you come back. Some reported seeing a ghost inside the classroom staring at them. People say they still hear boys laughing and running in the corridors of the empty school building. A headless boy is said to be wandering on the premises too like in the dense forest. Yet neither a teacher nor a student has ever seen a ghost here. 

Definitely Kurseong is a beautiful place for spending your days peacefully. But this small hill station has a spooky connection too which the thrill lovers are going to enjoy. It has been said that many murders have taken place in the place although there is still no evidence of these incidents. Some haunted places are haunted in their own nature. You must pay a visit to this mysterious place if you are looking for a spooky thrill. 

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