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Homestays in Bhutan, Darjeeling & Sikkim

Homestay is simply staying in homelike accommodation in a local house, interacting with them like family or doing the household work like you do in your own house while you are away from home on a trip. There are beautiful houses of local people, which are exactly what you desire to stay in. Well, here your wish comes true because several people in our travel destinations provide one or more than one rooms for you to stay for some days just the way you stay in your home.

Staying in a homestay is different from staying in hotel rooms. In a hotel, you get room services whatever you want but there might be some things that you might like to do by yourself which is not possible in a hotel. But in a homestay, either you have to do all works on your own or you might share the works with the family whose house you are staying in. besides, you get to meet new people, new culture, new life-style, new kind of food and so many things that your journey book is going to be filled with unknown things about the place you are visiting. And the landlords, who are connected with us to provide you a homestay, are so well-mannered and full of warm behavior that you return being satisfied from heart’s content.

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