33 Incredible Bhutan Facts and Figures that the World Needs to Know

33 Incredible Bhutan Facts and Figures that the World Needs to Know


Bhutan is officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, which is in the landlocked country in the South Asia and it is the smallest state that is located in it�s entirely within the Himalayan mountain range. Bordered by the China in the North and India in the South which is the smallest state located entirely within the Himalayan mountain range. It is also the place that lacks a border with the nearby Nepal due to the Indian state of Sikkim and that with the Bangladesh which is also due to the Indian states of West Bengal and in Assam. Second least most populous nation after the Maldives is Bhutan geopolitically in South Asia in which Thimphu is the capital and the largest city while Phuntsholing is its financial center. With that Bhutan is a unique country both by it�s culturally and by environmentally and as perched high in the Himalayas, it is the world�s last remaining the Buddhist Kingdom. The Philosophy is developed of its Gross National Happiness with that let�s come to know as the countries Bhutan facts and figures.

To know the Surprising Bhutan Facts and Figures

1. History of the National Identity as Bhutan:

 Bhutan�s as the national identity which is intimately bound up with its religious as the identity of a Buddhist nation. Buddhism also influences both as the daily lives of its people as well as for the government in which the religious leaders have been considerable power.

2. Recognized of Bhutan:

 As a country, Bhutan was recognized as the United Nations in the year 1974.

3. Origin of the Bhutan Name:

 From the Sanskrit Bhotanta which means �the end of Tibet,� the origin of the Bhutan was derived on the Sanskrit Bhuttan meaning �highlands.�

4. Official Religion of Bhutan:

 Buddhism is the official religion of Hinduism as the second popular faith.

5. As the Ethnic Relations of Bhutan:

 A wide diversity of the ethnic groups which is starting with a number of the small tribal groups as related to the similar tribes and the Sikkim, whose ancestry can go back almost for three thousand years. At the most recent centuries, it has seen the large migrant groups as from the Tibet, Nepal, and Mongolia.

6. Language that is Known:

 The official language is the Dzongka in Bhutan which is followed in the country.

7. Literate Level in Bhutan:

 The percentage count of the literate level are 54.3% of adults and 76.2% of the youth in Bhutan are literate in Bhutan.

8. Products that are Banned, Tobacco with Offence is Punishable:

 As the population of Bhutan is small in broad terms of the land fertile the sale of the tobacco products is also banned and smoking in the public areas is an offense that is punished with fines.

9. The introduction of the Digital Media in Bhutan:

 One of the last countries in the world is Bhutan to introduce television to its people and the government has lifted a ban on the TV and on the Internet that was only for the 11 years.

10. Bhutan Belief on the Black-Necked Crane:

 In Bhutan, if anyone is found guilty of killing a highly endangered as they are culturally sacred black-necked crane he or she could be sentenced to life in prison.

11. Half the Size of Bhutan in the State of India:

 Bhutan is about the size of the state of Indian which is as one of the 43 landlocked countries in the world.

12. Explanation of the Word Bhutan:

 The word �Bhutan� is named and translates to �Land of the Thunder Dragon� as it earned its nickname because of the fierce storms that can often roll in from the Himalayan.

13. Bhutan Constitutional Obligations to Protect the Environment:

 The first country is Bhutan in the world that has its specific constitutional obligations to its people. As to protect the environment which is among its requirements at for which at least 60 percent of the nation must remain under the forest cover at all its times.

14. Age Limit of Bhutan�s Population:

 The one-third of Bhutan�s population is under the age limit of 14 and its median age is 22.3 years.

15. Traffic Signal Light of Bhutan:

 Capital cities in Asia Thimphu which is as one of the two capital cities that do not have a single light and the other two places are the Pyongyang, North Korea. Local�s officials installed single signal when there was only such outcry that was also quickly removed and a traffic officer was re-assigned as to the intersection.

16. Highest Unclimbed Mountain in the World:

 Gangkhar Puensum at 24,840 feet is the highest point in Bhutan and a most unclimbed mountain in the world.

17. Bhutan Tradition of the Words is �meshu meshu�:

 Refuse on the food whenever it is being offered as for Bhutanese manners dictate that the tradition is to say the word �meshu meshu.� To cover your mouth with your hands and you can give in though after two or three offers.

18. Know About the Rivers of Bhutan:

 Bhutan Rivers drain to the Brahmaputra River in India and here are some of the lists of the rivers in the Western and the Eastern Rivers of Bhutan. They are Jaldhaks River or Di Chu, Wong Chhu or Raidak, Amo Chhu or Torsa, Mo Chhu or Sankosh River, Ha Chhu, Paro Chhu, Thimphu Chhu, Pho Chhu and Tang Chuu are all in the Western Bhutan. Eastern Bhutan Rivers are Manas River, Mangde Chhu or Tongsa, Bumthang River or Murchangphy Chhu, Drangme Chhu and Pagladiya River.

19. Bhutan Sacred Religious Objects:

 To pass other religious objects like the mani stores, stupas as with your right side of the nearest to the object. Turn the prayer wheels in a clockwise direction and never sit on mani stones or on stupas.

20. Respect Accorded as a Great Deal for King and for the Former King:

 The King and the Former King are accorded as a great deal of the respect that is in Bhutan, as is Vajrayana Buddhism is the state religion and it is wise as to bear this in the mind when conversing with the local people

21. Small Donations to the Monks:

 Monasteries it is the custom to make a small donation to the monks which is a sign of the respect and that statues as a means of developing a generous and the spacious mind. In each temple, there are many places where you can donate and it is expected that you can donate to each place as Bhutan country Information.

22. Official Currency of Bhutan:

 As the official currency is the Ngultrum (Nu), which is pegged as 1:1 with the Indian rupee which is, however, the 500 and the 1000 notes that are technically banned by the Bhutanese government, but although many of the local non-governmental establishment accept as the 500 note. But, from the year of 2014, the restrictions on exporting Indian rupees were lifted and all the nationals may bring an unlimited amount of the currency into Bhutan.

23. Handcraft Souvenirs Fabric Materials of Bhutan:

 Some of the Bhutan hand-woven fabric is prized around the world and they are available stitched into clothing, wall hangings, table mats, and rugs is the Woven cloth. Yathra, Dappa, and Bangchung are some of the woven materials of Bhutan culture and tradition

24. Foreign Tourists Allowed:

 In the year of 1974, the first foreign tourists were allowed in the country of Bhutan.

25. Older on every on New Year�s Day:

 All the citizen of the Bhutan becomes officially one year older on every New Year�s Day and this is a way and that is also maintained as the tradition of Bhutan which no one forgets anyone�s birthday.

26. Industry at Bhutan and the Cultivations:

 The major industry is the Agriculture with the crops that are cultivated is the rice, fruit and diary industry is yaks.

27. National Sports of Bhutan:

 In the country, Bhutan the two national sports are the archery and the darts but which is unlike as a regulation of the dartboard, theirs is as much smaller and the darts heavy and are quite lethal which is thrown over 20 meters towards the target.

28. Bhutan National Animal:

 As the countries national animal is the �Takin,� and a goat antelope are most known animals.

29. Ceremonial Buddhist Weddings:

 As the profound experiences of the Bhutanese wedding are commemorates as the celestial union of the mind, body, and soul of the two people. The significance of the rituals is the important bond between partners and that is importantly bestowed upon as for a life time of the love and the happiness.

30.The Last Kingdom:

 Bhutan is the last existing Buddhist Kingdom in the World, yet with the development of the modern technologies, it still abounds with rich culture and the traditions.

31. The Principal of Gross National Happiness:

 The GDP of the Bhutan countries economic index is rather the unique principle that it follows the Gross National Happiness.

32. Bhutanese Dress is Unique:

 A distinctive feature of the Bhutanese is one of the traditional dresses, which is as unique garments that have evolved over the thousands of the years. Men wear the Gho and Knee-length robe somewhat resembling a kimono which is ties around the waist. Women wear the Kira which is a long ankle length dress accompanied which is by a light outer jacket know as a Tego with an inner layer known as a Wonju.

33. Eating Habits of the Bhutan:

 As it is the tradition that the women who serve the food in most of the cases which is the mother. Before eating they serve as the short prayer and are offered and a small moral is placed on the floor which is the offering to the local spirits and the deities. In their food style of eating and the dishes they prepared they use the Chilies on every food.

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