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Embrace Your Holiday With Exquisite Darjeeling Tour Plan

If you have never been to Darjeeling in your lifetime to experience the gorgeous natural beauty – you are simply missing out on some spectacular destinations and experiences to cherish. Not only this place has some of the most breathtaking locations from North-Eastern India, but also tourists can enjoy the experience of multiple adventure activities as well.

Although it varies due to several climate changes and heavy rains or road blockages, Darjeeling tourism receives a constant source of traction. You need advice and an appropriate Darjeeling tour plan from a reputed agency like RS Travels to have the ideal touring experience in this beautiful hilly state on the hearts of the Himalayas.

Darjeeling is filled with some mesmerizing destinations along with a pleasing atmosphere. Darjeeling never really sees a dip in the tourist attraction.

It is a place that you simply cannot miss travelling. From the ever graceful sunrise of the tiger hill to the calming Japanese Peace Pagoda, from Darjeeling Zoo to the unmatched toy train experience.

Darjeeling is a unique destination that you will wholeheartedly cherish by experiencing the magical destinations and viewpoints across the state.

The more you will discover the magic of Darjeeling the more you will fall for this place. It has not emerged as one of the most visited places in North-East India if it was not so special, right? Tourists adore the place for its diversity and so many picturesque landscapes and locations. Here, we have discussed some of the places that you should definitely keep on your bucket list when you are touring Darjeeling –

Tiger Hill

It is by far the most popular destination in Darjeeling. People from around the country visit Darjeeling to witness the mind-blowing sight of sunrise between the snowy hilltops of the mesmerizing Mount Kanchenjunga. This lifelong experience is something to cherish wholeheartedly.

Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park

One of the locations that attract many tourists, the Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park is a place that not only provides a great experience for nature enthusiasts but also offers a pleasing opportunity for photographers to capture enthralling sights of rare flora and fauna.

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Japanese Peace Pagoda

A place that offers a calming atmosphere among the visitors, the Japanese Peace Pagoda is a place that unites people belonging to different religions and sections into one place. The serenity this place provides is unmatched and people love this place for its mesmerizing landscapes as well.

Toy Train Experience

 Best Places to stay in Darjeeling

The experience of Darjeeling might be incomplete if you do not experience the magical ride of the toy train. The spectacular train ride with your loved ones is a treat! The ride among the hilly slopes and lush greeneries is something you will never get enough of.

The experience of travelling to a breathtaking location is something one can truly explain once they have truly visited and witnessed a place thoroughly. With the best-in-class professionals under our wing and with super valuable tour packages, a holiday with RS Travels is something you would not regret.

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