A Perfect Snowman Trek Itinerary: 12 Helpful Tips for Trekkers

A Perfect Snowman Trek Itinerary: 12 Helpful Tips for Trekkers


One of the country�s most remote valleys this spectacular adventure in Bhutan begins with the Snowman trek. This is one of the most difficult in the world and also the most difficult treks in Bhutan. This Snowman Trek is only for seasoned trekkers and it has been named so for the 6 mountains above 23,000 feet that the trek passes beneath. For the trekking, the first and the most foremost requirements are to be fit, physically and mentally. One of the most remote regions of Bhutan and it takes one through Lunana. The treks start from Paro Valley in Western Bhutan and pass along the Bhutan- Tibet border ending at Sephu Village in Central Bhutan. It is one of the most incredible experiences for anyone who takes the trip as challenging as this is probably one of the hardest high altitudes treks. Bhutan�s pristine landscapes and its wonderful people and fascinating Buddhist culture provide the ingredients for a memorable journey into one of the most remote kingdom.

Must Know How to Reach on Snowman Trek

To its high altitude along the long distance and the difficult terrain, this is a trek which is right on the top of the difficult level scale and that takes 25-30 days to complete. It takes roughly around 2 days that are required for acclimatization. 11 high passes expedition crosses that include Nye La, Gobu La, Jara La and Shinge La and 9 of these passes are over 15,000 feet.

Exploring the Trekking with Helpful Tip

1. Trekking Route:

 It is one of the most difficult in Bhutan and the official snowman trek starts in Paro, and that leads via Lingshi and Laya to the remote areas of Lunana in the Northern Bhutan. From the place, you can either return to the lateral road at Nikka Chhu or you can continue to Bumthang.

2.Days Required for the Trekking:

 If you start your trek from Paro, then it is about a 27 days, including a rest day in Laya. You can also cut off a few days if you start your trip from Punakha. Snowman trek itinerary is minimal of 27 days, if you want to explore the trekking and would like to have the adventurous experience all around your trekking. Here is a brief idea of a perfect 27 days Snowman trek itinerary overview: Day 01: Arrived Paro, Paro-Thimphu Day 02: At Thimphu Day 03: You are at Thimphu-Punakha Day 04: Punakha/Tashithang-Damji (5-6hrs) Day 05: Damji- Gasa (6-7hrs) Day 06: Gasa- Chamsa (6-7hrs) Day 07: Chamsa- Laya (8-9hrs) Day 08: Laya (rest day) Day 09: Laya- Rhodophu (8-9hrs) Day 10: Rhodophu-Tarina (10-11hrs) Day 11: Tarina- Wochey (6-7hrs) Day 12: Wochey- Lhedi (6-7hrs) Day 13: Lhedi- Thanza (7-8hrs) Day 14: Take a rest at Thanza Day 15: Thanza- Tshorim (8-9hrs) Day 16: Tshorim- G�Kar Puensum (6-7hrs) Day 17: Base Camp at Gangkar Puensum Day 18: G�Kar Puensum- Geshe Woma(6-7hrs) Day 19: Geshe Woma- Warathang(8-9hrs) Day 20: Warathang- Ghur Tshachu(5hrs) Day 21: Dhur Tshachu- Tshochemchem(9hrs) Day 22: Tshochemchem- Bumthang(13hrs) Day 23: Bumthang Day 24: Bumthang- Trongsa Day 25: Trongsa- Paro Day 26: Paro Day 27: Depart from Paro

3. Highest Passes and Camps:

 Thy highest passes of Gangla Karchung La, 5230m; Jaza La, 5251 m; Loju La, 5155m; Rinchenzoe La, 5332m. You can have the highest which is at Tshochena, 4975m; Jichhu Dramo, 5060m.

4. Difficulty on Trekking:

 Snowman trek difficulty is that as it is not a trekking for a week. But although individuals day treks are not difficult, you are still in the field of about 3 weeks far from anywhere. As you have once passed Laya, there is no going back and if you get the stuck say in Thanza there is a long way out.

5. Best Season for Snowman Trek:

 For a good trekking on the Snowman Trek is extremely small and the only time you have a chance of good weather is the first 3 weeks of the month of October. But the official seasons extends longer if you go at any other time and you�ll either get very wet, snowed in, or both. Best is to start on October 1 from Punakha, and had the great weather.

6. Longest Day of Trekking:

 If you decide to walk in one day from Thanza to Tshochena then it will take you 8-9 hours of climbing about 1200m from 4000 up to 5250m. Therefore it is always advisable to stay overnight at Dhamji. If you do that then the longest day is one from Jichhu Dramo to Chukarpo- for about 8 hours, if you walk down a bit from Chhukarpo to the better campsite.

7. Sightseeing Views While Trekking:

 Following from the Paro Chhu river valley that is up into the mountains will be a magnificent high altitude trekking which follows. Passing the Buddhists monasteries and small villages we will be able to witness a land unchanged for hundreds of years. Bhutan has an aura of authentic which engages your heart and mind while trekking is by placing a strong emphasis on preserving its natural and the cultural history. Glide past blue pine, juniper and rhododendron forests and look for the famous Himalayan blue sheep, bearded vultures and the Himalayan Griffons flying overhead.

8. Bhutan Trek Food-Meals:

 Bhutan trek food was often better than the ones that are served in restaurants in Thimphu or in Paro. Most of the guests who have trekked with us admit that the Bhutan Trek Food was better and if you wish you may bring a small supply of the chocolates bars or trail mix for snacks but it is always not necessary. Our cook at the tent looks after any special dietary requirements with advance notice. Fresh foods are almost not available on the trek routes and so the entire supplies are available locally but the package that you can take, our crew will carry the purchased local foods.

9. Accommodation Per Night Camps:

 Camping by the snow can be your most peaceful, picturesque and an outdoor adventure. The tents are for cold weather tents and are designed for the harsh weather and snowy conditions. A separate tent is also pitched for dinning and for rest room as well. On demand by trekkers a luxury tent will also be provided like bed and mattresses, warm shower tents, rest room with the proper toilet pots, fishing equipment etc.

10. Snowman Trek Bhutan Review:

 Reviewed by a traveler and it was said it is simply stunning and just you think it can�t get any better but it does. As it is a tough trek so you need to be prepared but it is worth it. With the stunning scenery some of the best Himalayan views possible for a tough rewarding adventure trekking.

11. Bhutan for a Trekkers Guide:

 About a trekking, you all over wanted to know the details of Bhutan trekking and for that, if you are going on a trek in Bhutan it is always necessary to stay updated with our online site, that is always available online. It is you who need to be updated and should be aware of the place before you arrange and fix you date and time at the best season. Some of the proper check lists for trekking are sleeping bag (minimum of minus 18-20 degree Celsius), cotton pants, and trekking shirts which is best for non-cotton, heavier pants wool or fleece, fleece jacket or sweater, down jackets for evenings and for mornings, t-shirts or short sleeved cotton shirts, sturdy, comfortable trekking boots, waterproof rain jacket, warm hat and gloves. It is also necessary to bring enough underwear, few pairs of good thick cotton socks, 2 litters of water bottles which can resist hot boiled water and set in cool, trekking pants, torch, face towel, sun and snow glasses, and back pack, sun hat and sunscreen, lip balm, flip flops water purification, walking sticks, use and throw batteries for the trek and re-chargeable batteries for tours. This are some of the checklist that a travelers must carry with them as they are not provided by the travel agents from where you are booking your trip for trekking.

12. Guide Help While Trekking:

 You can explore the adventurous trip with a folded travel and road map that scale 1:380,000. Trained trainer will be helpful for you to know the proper route within a short distance of time and also the places to halt at night. In such a harsh trekking can be an enjoyable one with a guide with you.

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