List of Top 9 Punakha Sightseeing Places

List of Top 9 Punakha Sightseeing Places


Punakha is one of the most prosperous and beautiful districts in Bhutan, which once served as the capital of the little mountainous kingdom. Endowed with the natural drainage of the Mo Chu and Po Chu rivers, Punakha Bhutan weather is moderate throughout the year, due to which the province promotes the prosperity of the plenteous fruits and crops. The beautiful region of Punakha offers the captivating panorama of the majestic Himalayan ranges at a considerable distance, whose elegance is further enhanced by the clear blue and endless sky, which serves as the background at the end of the horizon. So, if you want to explore one of the most exotic and captivating valleys in Bhutan, then you must include Punakha in your list. And below is the list of top 9 Punakha Sightseeing places, which you must visit to have a fulfilling experience during your tour in the realm of happiness.

1. Visit Chhimi Lhakhang, the temple of prosperity:

 Nestled on a small hillock, Chhimi Lhakhang, the temple of prosperity takes a couple of minutes walk amid the lush green paddy fields. The couples who face the problem of conceiving have been miraculously blessed after visiting the temple.

2. Witness the symbol of Unified Bhutan, Punakha Dzong:

 Currently serving as the winter occupancy for the central monk and the district administration center, Punakha Dzong is one of the most alluring woodworks in the country and it maintains the most sacred relics of the kingdom.

3. Take a stroll in the longest Suspension bridge of Bhutan:

 Closely built near to Punakha Dzong, Punakha Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension Bridge in Bhutan. The bridge provides a spellbinding view of the adjoining villages, the serene mountains and the captivating view of the blissful province and the endless flow of the Po Chu River.

4. Find peace at Khamsum Yueling Monastery:

 Established by the Queen mother for the purpose of promoting world peace, sound health, and the long life of the King, this temple is an excellent specimen of the architecture of Bhutan. So, take the time to experience the serenity while adoring the spiritual artworks painted on the walls.

5. Appreciate the lifestyle of the spiritual pupils of Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup:

 A sacred temple and the nunnery are nestled in a mountainous region overlooking the exotic valleys. It has one of the most unique and rare features, which is tactfully carved in black marble blocks enclosing the stupas.

6. Indulge in the white water rafting in Mo Chhu River:

 Mo Chhu is the lifeline of the Punakha province, it is one of the major rivers which act as a natural drainage to prosper the beautiful region. Besides, the perennial river caters to the desires of the adventure seeker by offering excellent and thrilling water sports like white water rafting.

7. Embark the trekking trip at the highest point, Dochula Pass:

 Enjoy the captivating 360-degree view from the highest point of the Kingdom. Hear the sound of the hundreds of Buddhist prayer flags fluttering with the rush of the cold wind from the Himalayas. Walk and take pictures amid the serene 108 mysterious chortens.

8. Go for a wildlife safari at Jigme Dorji National Park:

 Covering a massive region of Punakha nd few other districts of the mountain Kingdom, Jigme Dorji National Park was titled after late Jigme Dorji Wanchuk and occupies the second position amongst the largest National Park in the Kingdom. It is an abode to the innumerable species of flora and fauna, thus making it one of the exotic destinations in Bhutan.

9. Explore the undiscovered regions of the Rishta Village:

 Blessed profusely with natures grandeur and the natural drainage of the endless Mo Chu and Po Chu Rivers, Rishta village is the excellent province for the paddy plantation. Taking a stroll through the serene villages is one of the musts to do things in Punakha. So, take a glimpse into the everyday lives and the thriving culture of the local people of Bhutan. As Bhutan is one of the most coveted destinations of the wanderlust travels throughout the world, the province has emphasized on the growth of tourism and thus it led to the establishment of several hotels in Punakha. If you have planned to visit Punakha, we suggest you opt for a travel package from a certified travel agency for a trouble free vacation. Since opting for a tour package would be a lucrative chance to save extra bucks, you will not have to worry about booking Punakha Bhutan Hotels on your own. You will be offered tailored itineraries and other benefits without having to constrain your budget. So, have a happy traveling!

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