List of Top 15 Unusual Things to Do in Bhutan

List of Top 15 Unusual Things to Do in Bhutan


An Unusual Place Bhutan:

Our neighbor country Bhutan is a place, perfect for discovering unusual activities. One can explore Bhutan for its unusual facts. There you will always find activities which are unusual; recently a picture of Bhutan king is viral who was chopping onion for a meal prepared for school kids. Here a king is doing ordinary task without any qualms. If you are a tourist and you love to explore unusual adventurous things which are rare in rest of the world than this his place is yours. Here you will see most of the public dress up in national attire, which is quite unusual. Here you will find the concept of gross national happiness which is also a unique concept in which the country is known by its gross national happiness and not by gross national income. If you are planning to visit Bhutan in near future you will see people always calm and smiling without any stress. May be you don�t know that Bhutan is the only country that is carbon negative. This makes foreigners to visit this place and explore more about Bhutan. Women of Bhutan is not underdeveloped even this is a small country, thinking of women�s are forward and they are equal to their male partners. Once you will visit this place you will get to know that women are equal and they used to do all kind of jobs. There are lots of unusual activities offered in Bhutan. With some unusual sightseeing places and adventurous activities to do for the adventure lovers kind of tourists there are many more things one can explore.

Unusual Activities You May Do or Find in Bhutan:

 A very unusual thing in Bhutan is they use the male organ to ward off devil. When you visit this place you will find male organ painted on walls. They use to do this to ward off devil and this is very common in Bhutan. You will find amazing traffic sense here, people do not use horn in their vehicle to maintain peace. People from other country may find this unbelievable.

Here are Some Unusual Things Which You May Do in Bhutan:

1. Cross the Bumthang River by Stepping Into It:

 Bumthang river in Bhutan joins the Tongsa Chhu or Mangde Chhu in southern Bhutan and the combined stream flows into the Manas River. The water of this river is very cold and very clear. You may cross the river by stepping into it, so put it in your list and when you will go to Bhutan must try it. In the month of December the water in this river is even colder and if you are planning to go to Bhutan in the month of December so you may add this in your things to do in Bhutan in December list.

2. Get High at 23000 ft:

 Get high on adventure at 23000ft for adventure activities in Bhutan there are many such places where you can ride high for activities like hiking, biking and trekking. There are numerous treks in Bhutan and you may plan for it according to your difficulty level.

3. Cuisines You Should Enjoy:

 Every place has its unique cuisine and the Ema Datshi is the cuisine from Bhutan which will tickle your taste buds with chilies and cheese. Ema Datshi is the Bhutan�s favorite dish.

4. See Mount Everest:

 If you are planning to visit Bhutan take a deep breath, you are going to see the great Mount Everest, the highest mountain and the Mount Kanchendzonga. Without thinking twice make it your first choice to visit.

5. Trekking to Tigers Nest:

 Your Bhutan trip will be incomplete without visiting tigers nest monastery. It is situated 900m above the Paro valley. The path is quite narrow and difficult to trek, but for trekking lovers it will be a fantastic experience. The ascending way take 3 hrs to reach and in downwards it takes just half of it. The view from the top is something you can�t imagine.

6. Dance with Monks:

 The Tshechu festival is celebrated at Dzongkhag Paro which is held on the tenth day of Tibetan lunar month. Festival lover�s tourist can enjoy this colorful festival. During this festival the huge amount of people gathered and dances together. You may be one of its dance parts.

7. Enjoy Kayaking:

 Enjoy the Kayaking in Bhutan, which is a water sports adventure activity. If you are a sports lover as well as adventure lover you should definitely go for kayaking. There are six main rivers in Bhutan that provides various courses for kayakers. One can enjoy the beauty of nature too. You may go for kayaking in Paro Valley, Trongsa and Punakha. Best time to go for kayaking is from March to April and from October to November.

8. Rock Climbing:

 Rock climbing is one of the adventures full of thrill and excitement. It was first introduced by the vertical Bhutan climbing club. This club offers the required equipments and also training to the climbers. One can take a breathtaking view of the beautiful country. It is located above the Thimpu. Tourists can go for rock climbing in the month of March to May and September to November.

9. Mountain Biking:

 Mountain biking may be one of the most exciting adventure activities. Bhutan offers many mountain bikers to enjoy mountain biking and take a glance of the naturally beautiful place. The uphill are ample climbs but the downhills are thrilling descents. Roads are catering to smooth as per your choice you may go for a ride.

10. Rafting:

 If you are in a group of 4-6 people you may enjoy rafting in Bhutan. In Bhutan rafting is done to give you the true pleasure to float gently down the river and enjoy the scenic beauty together. Rafting in Bhutan is not something thrilling.

11. Archery:

 Archery is Bhutan�s national sport. If you are planning to go for a holiday trip to Bhutan you must try this sport which is very famous among all Bhutanese. You will find multi colored throngs of men in their patterned robes taking shoot arrows with a target positioned of a whopping 140m away.

12. Nabji Korphu Community Based Trekking:

 The Nabji Korphu community based trekking is suitable in winter and is set out in Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park and located in central Bhutan. Six different villages are located inside this park. You may enjoy the wildlife. Through tourism awareness program community tourism aims at creating awareness on natural and environmental issues to conserve nature.

13. Cycling:

 Cycling in Bhutan is very interesting activity. You may offer for off road as well as on road cycling. Cycling tours starts at Paro valley and passes through many areas like Thimpu, Do Chula, Punakha Valley and Bumthang. There are smooth roads for smoother ride and rough roads challenges the bikers. Cycling is an interesting way to explore the beauty of Bhutan.

14. Go for Antique Shopping:

 In Bhutan there are a lot of things to buy for shopaholic ones. You may buy antique handicrafts material like bamboo boxes, horse saddle, carpets from Bhutan. You may also buy Bumthang honey, comfitures and jams from local Bhutan market. Casually you may buy warm minks, paintings, Bhutanese stamps and trinkets of coral etc. These are unusual things that you can best buy from Bhutan only.

15. Meet Takin:

 Apart from its adventurous activities Bhutan has a very interesting national animal named Takin which is very different from Indian national animal. Takin feeds on grass and may be this is the secret behind Bhutan�s peace. Meeting the national animal Takin can be one of the unusual activities for the tourists.

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