List of Top 31 Things to See in Bhutan

List of Top 31 Things to See in Bhutan


Know About Your Dream Country Bhutan:

 This beautiful country is known by many names like gods own country, country of happiness, country of monastery etc. Bhutan does exist in eastern Himalaya range of Asia continent. The nearby country of Bhutan is India in its south and China in north.

Famous for What:

 If you want to know why people want to go to Bhutan or why Bhutan is so famous then you are very close to get your answer. Bhutan is famous for its sightseeing, monastery which is a building or complex of buildings which have domestic quarters and workplaces of monastic�s, whom you may call monks or nuns. It�s a place reserved for prayer which might be a church, temple or chapel. Peoples want to go there for so many reasons, some reasons are its wildlife reserves, festival tours, forts of Bhutan which is mesmerizing, highest unclimbed mountains, museums, its unique art and craft, and hot cuisine�s will find chilly used as vegetable here. The national dish of Bhutan is �Ema datshi� prepared by chilly and cheese stew. Its gross national happiness makes it a unique country in the world to visit. Here countries economy is not measured by the GDP but by its GNP which is gross national happiness. Buddhist monastery, mountain trekking which is the first choice of adventurous and sports lover kind of visitors, also the rivers and lakes ,the glorious view of Himalaya makes this place more beautiful. Apart from all this religious monastery and all Bhutan is also famous for its Red panda brewery, a kind of beer which brewed from wheat and it is very strong.

How to Reach Your Dream Land:

 First of all you must know that you don�t need any passport or visa to enter this beautiful country as Bhutan is a close friend of India. If you are thinking that how to reach Bhutan then the path is very easy, there is no rail network available but flight service is available from all the countries. Paro is the international airport, and it is well connected by roads to its nearby countries. From India the route of Bhutan by air is via Nepal. Also, you may hire rented cars to reach there.

Here is the List of Top 31 Things to See in Bhutan:

1.Tiger�s Nest Monastery:

 Monastery is a place reserved for prayer which may be a chapel, temple or church, This is located in Paro. What makes it unique place is it is an isolated white building with golden roof like structure and situated on the top of the mountain. One can reach there by grueling mountain paths. The sightseeing is awesome as it is on the top of the mountain.

2. Punakha Dzong:

 It is in pochhu and mochhu in punakha. It is best known for its mesmerizing architecture. This place is very historical and traditional, covered by lush green hills

3. Do Chula pass (Thimpu):

 It is simply a wonderful sightseeing spot, situated nearly 10000 ft above the sea level while going from punakha. It is one of the best things to see in Bhutan, its colorful mask dance is unbelievable.

4. Ringpung Dzong (Paro):

 The best example of Bhutan and its fantastic architecture is ringpung dzong or Paro zong. Meaning of this place name is fortress on a heap jewels. A marvelous and historical place in Bhutan to visit is Ringpung Dzong. It has surrounded by such lovely and beautiful scenes.

5. Tower of Trongsa Museum:

 Beautiful, too old historic place with cylindrical structure will attract you. It has built above the Trongsa Dzong on top of the hill. Earlier it has used to protect the town from attacks and now days it is a museum for public.

6.Tsechu Festival:

 Tsechu festival of Bhutan is known as a religious festival which is celebrated annually on tenth day of a month according to lunar Tibetan calendar and the month is depends according to place. It is a religious festival in which people have gathered socially in large scale which shows their strong bonding. The main attraction of this festival is Cham dance which is a mask dance. Colorful costume looks very beautiful.

7. Nabji Korphu Community Based Trek:

 It is usually a trekking of winter in Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park. There are many culturally rich villages settled inside the park. Nearly six villages are there inside the park. This trekking will give you a fabulous experience of wildlife. If you are lucky enough you will see a golden langoor which could be found only in Bhutan.

8. Chimi l�hkhang: The Only Fertility Temple:

 This is the only fertility temple in the world so unique for visitors. It has believed that the married couple who don�t have child go to this temple and take blessings for infants. Also believe to drive evil eye away.

9. Torsa Strict Nature Reserve:

 Torsa has the western most forests of Bhutan, from alpine meadows to broad leaf forests and the small lakes of Sinchulungpa. Truly, The sightseeing place in Bhutan. Visitors love this place due to forests and lakes.

10. Royal Textile Academy:

 It has founded to keep the culture of Bhutan and show the living art of weaving which is an important part of the culture and tradition ofBhutan.It�s a non-profit organization established as an educational center for the training of people in traditional Bhutanese weaving.

11. Buddha Dordenma:

 Religious kind of people should go to visit the ultra large statue of the Buddha dordemna which is one of the largest statues of Buddha in the world made up of bronze and gilded in gold at the capital of Bhutan Thimpu. It costs $100 million and 9 yrs to complete this statue.

12. National Folk Heritage Museum:

 Not a sightseeing spot but a traditional one. It narrates the ancient Bhutan culture and the architectural design of their houses. The ancient things you will see there are many cooking utensils, arms used for hunting etc. Don�t miss to see national library there.

13. Handicrafts Market, for True Shopaholics:

 If you are truly a shopaholic one you will enjoy the handicrafts market in Thimpu, Bhutan, the market is thus called as authentic Bhutanese crafts bazaar, which offeryou antique things to buy like paintings, beautiful attires, decorative things woven from bamboos and beautiful jewellery made from precious stones like gold n silver.

14.National Museum Paro:

 It is a worth visiting the national museum Paro. This museum will provide you much information about the cultural heritage flora and fauna of Bhutan. The main attraction is the large collection of masks.

15. Cheli La Pass:

 Chele la pass is the highest point on Bhutan highway. Elevation of Chele pa is 3810 meter. The weather of this place is so beautiful, chile rain flattering prayer flags and strong winds are the climatic description. Weather changes so fast there. It will be an unforgettable experience for you as you will feel you are on the top of the sky between clouds and strong wind pushing your body with thunder sound.

16. Thimpu Chorten:

 Built in 1974 this large chorten is one of the most visited places for worship. Chorten is a large white structure with a golden spire. There are giant room size prayer wheels at the chorten entrance. The gate has been decorated beautifully with three slate carving.

17. Punakha Suspension Bridge:

 Punakha suspension is the longest suspension bridge built on Pochu River. It is broad and built amazingly .the view from the bridge is awesome. Covered all sides by mountains and river in the below make this place heavenly.

18. Khansum Yulley Namgyal Chorten:

 You should definitely go there if you nearer to this place in Bhutan don�t miss to go there and trek. It is a mesmerizing place and so the path is. It is mainly for trekking lovers. There is a path of farm land and small mountains and when u will reach on the top you will find a panoramic view of tree, river, field mountain altogether.

19. Clock Tower Square:

This is a stunning tower having 4 clock faces located in Thimpu, Bhutan. Famous for Bhutanese architectural outlook because of paintings and carvings and the traditional handcrafted dragon on every 4 faces indicates Bhutan an independent dragon kingdom. One should go there to see the shops restaurants and hotels in the clock tower square. Prayer wheels and water fountains are the main attraction for tourists.

20. Sangchhen Dorji:

 This is the nunnery built on top of the mountain makes it so beautiful. U may see the faces of the nuns, chanting their prayers; you will find this place a peaceful one.

21. Changankha Lhakhang Bridge:

 Above central Thimpu this popular temple is present, Which is famous for pilgrim activities. Usually parents go there to get names for their newly born baby or to take blessing for their children for their betterment and protection from devil eye. Children thus blessed by a phurba and have given a thread which protects them.

22. Phobjikha Valley:

 Here you can see the horses running freely in open valley, many black necked cranes, eagles, ravens and other beautiful birds and butterflies. It is the true view of nature. You will love this place like fiery world in your real-life.

23. Wangchu River:

 This is the tributary of the river Brahamputra. You will enjoy the adventurous sports of rafting and kayaking in the rivers of Bhutan. It provides much great opportunity for different kind of water sports. It is a beautiful place to visit, you may see the SAARC building and the kings resident from the east side of the river.


 It is the town whose border is very much closer to India so people from various places from India gathered here. It is the most visited place in Bhutan among all the places.

25. Limbukha:

 Situated near mountains make lunakha a bit more beautiful, this beautiful place is mainly known for peace and love. It is on the priority list of the visitor�s choice destination. U can reach there by Feeder Street from Punakha. And the main interesting fact about this place is it produces red rice which has some medicinal properties.

26. Trashiyangtse:

 Trashiyangtse is one of the newest districts in the world spread in 1437 sq km. With its wealth of historical, natural, and cultural resources Trashiyangtse is a destination that the people who visits Bhutan will always remember.

27. Samdrup Jongkhar:

 Amazing place for sightseeing on the south-eastern piece of Bhutan. There are many Indian eateries shops and hotels, which makes your visit a perfect one.

28.Jigme Dorji National Park:

 Jigme dorji national park is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Bhutan. In the year 1993 it is consider as national park. Spread in approx 4349 sq km. It is a park in which you can see the royal Bengal tigers, snow leopard and all the four national symbols of Bhutan namely takin, raven, cypress and the blue poppy. They all live in a lush environment. It is also a treasure of beautiful scenarios and medicinal waters.

29. Wangchuk Wildlife:

 Wangchuck Centennial Park is a national park. It is the largest national park in Bhutan. It is present in north central region of Bhutan where several high mountains are found with its boundary. You may get a glimpse of Bengal tiger, Himalayan musk bear and snow leopard.

30. Chomolhari in Bhutan:

 The second highest peak in Bhutan in chomolhari or also known as Jhomolhari, one of the most popular trekking mountain but due to some technical issues and strong winds government do not allow technical climbing on the mountain. It is the most famous sightseeing place. Thousands of visitors take photographs of its spectacular view.

31.Pilgrims Valley Trek:

 Adventurous people would love to trek on pilgrim�s valley trekking. It is the perfect destination for trekking lovers.

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