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For a nature lover, northeast India is an absolute treasure trove. Often regarded as the land of seven sisters, comprising Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, and Meghalaya, its splendour is worth witnessing. In the year 2002, the Indian state of Sikkim become the eighth member in the northeast region.

The profluent natural beauty touches every nook and corner of these states. Covering an area of 262,179 sq. km., the region belongs to the easternmost part of the Indian subcontinent. Such a culturally diverse region is a dream visit for many. Reputed DMC for northeast trips offering cost-effective tour packages is never to miss.

RS Travels is a popular name in the Indian Travel and Tourism Industry. Road trips, adventure tourism, car rental, flight ticketing, group tours, tour package customization, and accommodation arrangements all rest on your expert tour companion. The professional guidance put forward by the experts here is impeccable.

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Arunachal Pradesh, namely the Land of Dawn-lit Mountain, is replete with dramatic landscapes of Himalayan mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers. Wildlife opulence is marvellous. And its culinary delights, culture, and festivals are lovely aptly.

Nagaland, popularly termed the Land of Festivals, is home to tribal celebrations. Magnificent scenarios entailing hills, river streams, flowers abounding in Dzukou Valley, and the natural beauty of Lake Shilloi offer a perfect retreat.

Assam receives global praise for its tea and silk. The state is home to one-horned Indian rhinoceros and other wildlife creatures. The mighty Brahmaputra river, religious significance, splendid wildlife, historical monuments, picturesque valleys, colors of festivals, and food delights are enough to pour excitement into your travel experiences here.

Manipur represents rich culture, tradition, natural sites, vibrant music and dance forms, festivals, architectural grandeur, and delectable cuisine, making it an unavoidable part of your tour itinerary. Dotted with spectacular mountain sights, valleys, Loktak lake, and river basins, this northeast destination gifts you a promising tour.

Mizoram is an iconic region of enriched flora and fauna, unspoiled hills, pleasant climate, gushing rivers, diverse culture, scenic waterfalls, handicraft museum, wildlife luster, food variety, and everything that causes a tour to be incredible.

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Tripura is famous for its wondrous fruit gardens, tea plantations, jute cultivation, bamboo plantation, ancient monuments, age-old temples, archelogy, waterfalls, villages, valleys, hill ranges, wildlife resources, food options, and festivals.

Meghalaya, as the name implies, is the Abode of Clouds, putting on views of exclusive scenic settlements. All that beauty Meghalaya possesses dwells in its scintillating waterfalls, valleys, villages, lakes, rivers, wildlife, culture, tradition, and monuments. Festivals here can be a reason for selecting this site as your next tourist destination. Plan your tour with expert DMC At RS Travels.

Sikkim involves remarkably panoramic views of Kanchenjunga ranges, waterfalls, forests, lakes, Buddhist monasteries, valleys, villages, and cities, setting the mood for touring this destination over and over again. Huge scopes for performing adventure sports in Sikkim advance the arrival of adventure enthusiasts. The best of northeast tour awaits you.

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