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Gangtey-A Major Attraction in Bhutan that’ll give you A Lifetime Experience

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Nature bestows on its full attention which can be seen from the surrounding valleys making Gangtey as beautiful as paradise itself. Gangtey- ‘Hidden Gem of Bhutan’ Perched at an altitude of 2900m, Gangtey is considered one of the most beautiful valleys Bhutan has got. Falling under the district of Wangdue Phodrang, this flat valley will stun you by its surroundings…

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Enjoy Druk Path Trek to Get the Ultimate Thrill on Your Bhutan Vacation

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Druk Path Trek is an excellent short trek, ideal for those who want to experience the mountains, alpine meadows, glacial lakes and monasteries in Bhutan. Bhutan- ‘Land of Misty Mountains’ Bhutan is undoubtedly the most exotic country in the entire world. What sets it aside from the other Himalayan regions, other than its stunning landscapes, is the presence of an…

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