A little guide for an exciting trip to Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

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We all love having a closer look at the different actions of animals and birds. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place for you to bring out the wilderness within you. About Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary It is one of the newest protected natural reserves covered with lush deciduous forests. This is an added charm to this sanctuary which makes it…


Enjoy Druk Path Trek to Get the Ultimate Thrill on Your Bhutan Vacation

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Druk Path Trek is an excellent short trek, ideal for those who want to experience the mountains, alpine meadows, glacial lakes and monasteries in Bhutan. Bhutan- ‘Land of Misty Mountains’ Bhutan is undoubtedly the most exotic country in the entire world. What sets it aside from the other Himalayan regions, other than its stunning landscapes, is the presence of an…

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What Should You Do When it landslides during Your Bhutan Trip?

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Bhutan is a country of high mountain peaks and very risky road routes, so you should be careful during landslides while go for a Bhutan trip. ‘Bhutan- World’s Magical Country’ Bhutan, the Last Shangri La is considered as the paradise for the Nature lovers. It is one of the most magnificent countries in the world for having astonishing landscapes and…


5 Things to Know Before Booking a Hotel Online in Bhutan

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Bhutan houses many luxurious hotels as well as comfortable resorts and it is important to get the proper knowledge about a hotel before booking it. Bhutan- ‘Magical country in the World’ Bhutan is considered as the paradise for the Nature lovers. Bejeweled by astonishing landscapes, spellbinding high mountains, serene monasteries, and alluring weather, Bhutan attracts many visitors from all around…


A Brief Idea about Telecom Services in Bhutan That You Must Know

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Reckoned as one of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan tucked in Eastern Himalayas and blanked in a mysterious fog and magical beauty. Bhutan ‘Hamlet of Mystery’ Bhutan, also known as ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’, a sovereign state in South Asia, is an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. It attracts uncountable tourists from across the globe by its…