Punakha Sightseeing Places

List of Top 9 Punakha Sightseeing Places

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Punakha is one of the most prosperous and beautiful districts in Bhutan, which once served as the capital of the little mountainous kingdom. Endowed with the natural drainage of the Mo Chu and Po Chu rivers, Punakha Bhutan weather is moderate throughout the year, due to which the province promotes the prosperity of the plenteous fruits and crops. The beautiful…

Tips for Snowman Trek
Gorumara National Park Travel Guide

Gorumara National Park Travel Guide and Its 18 Ideas to Help

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Gorumara Tourist Information Northern of West Bengal India is Gorumara National Park. Located in the Dooars region of the Himalayan foothills and it’s a medium sized park with grasslands and forests which are primarily known as for its population of Indian rhinoceros. By the Ministry of Environment and Forests for the year 2009, the park has also been declared as…

List of Top 21 Hotels in Bhutan with Rates

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Come! Enter the gateway to paradise on Earth, Bhutan tourism always open his gate for visitors Land of unique Culture and Beliefs, the mysterious Land of Thunder Dragons. Capture the essence of Bhutanese art and architecture. So, let go of your worries of haunting luxury and cheap hotels. Below is the list of top 21 Hotels in Bhutan with Rates:…

List of 21 Festivals Celebrated in Bhutan

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Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdom is a land of unique culture, rich traditions, and vibrant festival celebrations. Bhutan chiefly has innumerable temples and monasteries. Hence, the religious rituals and festivals have become an important allurement for the tourists. Tshechu in Bhutan, is an annual festival which is most royally celebrated on every tenth day of the month. It is widely anticipated…

Unusual things to do in Bhutan

List of Top 15 Unusual Things to Do in Bhutan

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An Unusual Place Bhutan: Our neighbor country Bhutan is a place, perfect for discovering unusual activities. One can explore Bhutan for its unusual facts. There you will always find activities which are unusual; recently a picture of Bhutan king is viral who was chopping onion for a meal prepared for school kids. Here a king is doing ordinary task without…

Jaldapara National Park

20 Unknown Facts About Jaldapara National Park

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Jaldapara National Park is a National Park situated at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas in Alipurduar district of Northern West Bengal and on the bank of the Torsa River. At an altitude of 61 m and is spread across 216.51 sq km of its vast grassland with a riverine forests was declared a sanctuary in 1941. River Torsa flows…

Places to visit in Bhutan

Top 20 Places to Visit in Bhutan in Its Best Time

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Planning for a Bhutan tour, find out how the last “Shangri-La” is truly a paradise in Earth, while travelling to Bhutan discover one of the least discovered countries in the World. It is a traveller’s dream destination in the world, a piece of paradise on Earth. Bhutan’s serene natural splendours, gorgeous landscapes, stunning snow-captured mountains, magnificent monasteries and fortresses, temples,…