A Travel Guide to Visit Bhutan on Budget

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The Kingdom of Bhutan is considered the most intriguing and serene land on earth nestled on the lap of the Himalayas. The breath-taking view of the Himalayas, stunning valleys, majestic mountain terrain, the lush greenery, criss-cross of rivers, and influence of Buddhism altogether associate Bhutan to a `Paradise’ for travelers. Bhutan is regarded as a top tourist hotspot with its…

Take a break- Embark on a perfect recreation with Bhutan, Dooars tour
Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai to Bhutan Flight Details

Find All Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai to Bhutan Flight Details

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Getting into Bhutan demands a lot of formalities. Being the landlocked country, it authorizes only two modes of entry in its territory, one is by road, and other is by air. Taking a flight(s) to Bhutan from India is one of the most comfortable & exhilarating alternatives. Paro Airport is the only International airport of Bhutan that currently operates two…

Things to Do in Your Upcoming Bhutan Holiday Tour

Holiday in Bhutan, 24 Things to Do in Your Upcoming Tour

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Bhutan is a unique country both in environmental and cultural aspects. It is the world’s last remaining the Buddhist Kingdom perched high in the Himalayas. It has developed its stand-out philosophy of Gross National Happiness; where the development of the country is measured using a holistic approach to well-being, and not just based on monetary values. The population of Bhutan…

List of Top 27 Thimphu Bhutan Points of Interest

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Thimphu is an earthly paradise indeed! It is espoused by the breathtakingly beautiful provinces. The capital of fascinating kingdoms of the world claims ownership of the lofty mountains, prolific vales, and enchanting woods. The unique tradition with dazzling hues and the cultures so divine with a touch of modernity proclaims Thimpu as the abode of absolute bliss. The plethora of…

Punakha Sightseeing Places

List of Top 9 Punakha Sightseeing Places

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Punakha is one of the most prosperous and beautiful districts in Bhutan, which once served as the capital of the little mountainous kingdom. Endowed with the natural drainage of the Mo Chu and Po Chu rivers, Punakha Bhutan weather is moderate throughout the year, due to which the province promotes the prosperity of the plenteous fruits and crops. The beautiful…

Tips for Snowman Trek

A Perfect Snowman Trek Itinerary: 12 Helpful Tips for Trekkers

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One of the country’s most remote valleys this spectacular adventure in Bhutan begins with the Snowman trek. This is one of the most difficult in the world and also the most difficult treks in Bhutan. This Snowman Trek is only for seasoned trekkers and it has been named so for the 6 mountains above 23,000 feet that the trek passes…

Gorumara National Park Travel Guide

Gorumara National Park Travel Guide and Its 18 Ideas to Help

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Gorumara Tourist Information Northern of West Bengal India is Gorumara National Park. Located in the Dooars region of the Himalayan foothills and it’s a medium sized park with grasslands and forests which are primarily known as for its population of Indian rhinoceros. By the Ministry of Environment and Forests for the year 2009, the park has also been declared as…