5 Best National Parks In India

5 Best National Parks in India to see Tigers

Our National Animal is protected in these National Parks. Once tigers were endangered species but now they are well protected in India. According to the latest reports in 2018, India is home to 70% of World’s tiger population. All total there are near about fifty tiger reserve in India. The project Tiger is in charge […]

Adventure Trip around the World

10 Best Adventure Trip around the World

Different people have a different meaning of Adventure in their Life. For some, the adventure can be climbing the peak of Mount Everest and for other, it could be going out on a jungle safari. ‘Adventure means THRILL FUN FEAR AND JOY’ Adventure gives you the adrenalin rush which you need to change a boring […]

Thimphu to Punakha

An Exciting Drive in Bhutan from Thimphu to Punakha

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. It is one of the most exciting and fabulous places in Bhutan. Bhutan is a beautiful country with its abundant natural beauty, monasteries, and hills. So a drive from Thimphu to Punakha would be so much fun on a weekend or so. A LONG DRIVE CAN GIVE YOU THE […]

5 Historical Towns in Thimphu

5 Historical Towns to Visit in Thimphu

Tucked between two big nations India and China there is a small and magical country called Bhutan. Bhutan has a rich historical background to share with the world. Life in Bhutan is very easy going and peaceful. They don’t have traffic lights in their streets. Bhutanese people like a regulated and disciplined life. Therefore, they […]

5 Best Hotels near Phobjikha Valley

5 Best Hotels with Perfect Landscapes near Phobjikha Valley

The tourism of Bhutan has over the years witnessed a drastic & spectacular change! And do you know why it is? It is due to increasing the number of visitors! And with this, Bhutan has also made serious efforts for providing their tourists a memorable stay by having many amazing hotels. The Bowl-Shaped Valley!! Yes, […]

5 Outstanding restaurants

5 Outstanding restaurants to try out the best Bhutanese cuisines in Bhutan!

If you are a foodie and want to taste the different flavours of food then Bhutan is the right place to fulfill your taste and stomach! Located in the Himalayas, this little mountain kingdom is one of the most visited tourist places in the world. Be it the royal palaces or the ancient monasteries, Bhutan […]


Bhutan and how it preserves its treasures in a unique way!

Have you ever dreamt of visiting somewhere that few people have seen or ever heard about? If not then Bhutan is a place to be in. People might have roamed many countries in the world but Bhutan is the most beautiful one you have ever seen. Green hills and flowing rivers surround the majestic Buddhist […]

museums in Bhutan

5 museums in Bhutan to discover its glory and culture!

Bhutan in itself is a living museum because of its policy of protecting its tradition and culture from outsiders. Being isolated from other countries of the world, Bhutan’s museums offer a unique perspective on Bhutanese history, culture, rural lifestyle, artistic traditions and many more. It also showcases the ancient history from over 1500 years and […]

Paragliding in Bhutan

Paragliding in Bhutan – A guide every paraglider must know

Have you ever thought of soaring like a bird? Then we are here to give some tips for paragliders wanting to try out their skill in this sport! Did you, in your childhood ever pretend flying? Between our heavy work schedules and deadlines, you somehow let your childhood dreams go away from your hands. What […]