Five skiing destinations around the world

Five skiing destinations around the world for an adventurous holiday

“If you want to appreciate the beauty of a snowflake then it is necessary to experience it with your hands.” Those who love white and fluffy snow, winter is the best time of year!  While others long for the summer sun, many of us look for the blanket of snow to show skiing skills amidst […]

A Handy Guide to Explore Bhutan’s Culture

A Handy Guide to Explore Bhutan’s Culture and Its Uniqueness

Money and infrastructure may determine how ‘successful’ a country is, but only its culture determines how blissful it is! Skyscrapers may be good for eyes, but dances, food etc are what we need to satisfy our soul & hearts. And when we talk about a rich culture & tradition, Bhutan has to be the first […]

India’s Top Ropeway Rides

India’s Top Ropeway Rides That Let You Get Close to Nature

Almost sounds like you’re presenting in a candyfloss Bollywood movie with almost everything, Doesn’t it? If you thought that these could only be done in Switzerland or in any other foreign country, you’re absolutely wrong! India is world-widely famous for having long as well as droopy ropeways that will definitely take you on an adrenaline-ride. […]

Traveling Within India

Last Minute Checklist before Traveling Within India

Are you planning to visit India for vacation? India harbors friendly people whose culture teaches them that guests are equivalent to God. If you are just like me there is always something we are forgetting to pack.  This is why I wrote this post, to help you and also me, to not to forget anything […]

Five bewitching places in the world where the sun never sets

‘Imagine a day with 24 hours sunlight. Is it even possible? Yes, there are some places on the Earth!’ Don’t we wish that we have all those days and the day never ends? Well, some people are really lucky to have this wish to get fulfilled. So, we are talking about those corners of the […]

7 Things to Do in Thimphu in February for a Lifetime Experience

Thimphu is a unique charm of Bhutan where you must go to discover its secrets and beauty at least once in a lifetime. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan makes for the ideal vacation in the hills. Its capital city of Thimphu thus becomes every traveler’s dream to witness the Bhutanese ways of life. If one […]

Bhutan Travel Guide during Spring!

Bhutan Travel Guide for an Exquisite Vacation during Spring!

Known for its mystical monasteries, artistic fortresses, and enormous mountains, Bhutan is a small country which is famous for its vibrant Buddhism culture. Owing to its scenic landscapes, fascinating architecture and scenic beauty, Bhutan has become a popular tourist destination for every tourist from honeymooners to travellers. Springtime in Bhutan can’t get better!! Want to […]

10 Travel Accessories Every Traveler Must Carry

10 Travel Accessories Every Traveler Must Carry While Traveling

‘To travel is to live the moment of happiness. And a journey of a thousand miles begins with only a single step!’ We travel as much as we can, as far as we can and for as long as we can, right? The wanderlust in us makes us go away to far off lands to […]

5 travel tips for a budget-friendly trip to Bhutan

5 Travel tips for a budget-friendly trip to Bhutan!

 ‘Want to visit foreign within your budget? Then Bhutan is the ultimate place for you to travel budget friendly!’ ‘Land of the thunder dragon’ as it is rightly called; Bhutan is a little Himalayan hamlet that has gained popularity in recent years. Also, you can feel the vibes of happiness all around you as soon […]