Kalimpong-Explore The Beautiful Hilly Retreat



Beautiful and mesmerizing, a trip to Kalimpong is an unforgettable experience. This town is located away from Northeast, is a treat to the eyes and must always be on the bucket list of sightseeing in Kalimpong.

From unlimited sightseeing in Kalimpong has everything to offer its tourists round the year. So are you ready for the experience? If you want to explore then plan a trip to Kalimpong. Here are some of the things you can do to keep yourself busy during your stay.

Best things to experience in Kalimpong

Experience the panorama of Deolo Hill:


Known as the highest point, it is one of the topmost things one can do while visiting sightseeing in Kalimpong. Located at a height, this hill will give one of the best views. Also, taking a stroll around the villages, lanes, valleys and rivers makes it more interesting. Try out some adventures like paragliding, trekking and horse riding if you want to.

Grow some unique flowers at Cactus Nusery:


Kalimpong does have some of the best flower species to watch for and you cannot deny that. Among them, the Cactus Nursery has some of the largest flower nurseries. They cultivate in the nursery and also export these flowers. Surrounded by scenic view hills and colourful flowers this is one of the best things you can experience here.

Do something interesting at Dr. Graham’s House:


Founded in the year 1900, by Reverend Dr, John Anderson Graham, it is one of the best places to visit in Kalimpong. Spread over 500 acres, this house is situated in the lowers slopes of Deolo Hill. On visiting there, you can take a visit to the museum and the library. To spend your day you can watch the football match, or witness the beauty of grand old colonial architecture.

Soak in the beautiful views of Durpin Dara Hill:


You can visit Durpin Dara Hill, to see the panoramic scenic views of Kalimpong. Also, the view of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges and the Teesta River make this hilly viewpoint a mesmerizing destination.

Indulge in spirituality at Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Gompa:


Located above Durpin Hill, the Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Monastery was established in the year 1970. This monastery can be visited to see the elegant architecture and beautiful view of the Durpin Hill. It will be undoubtedly the best experience of life.

Explore the beauty of Crockety House:


It is a little British cottage, which is located at a driving distance from Darjeeling. It is a truly marvelous architecture built by the British which is visited by tourists all round the year. If you love photography then this cottage offers some of the charming locations for a perfect picture.

Go spooky in the haunted Morgan House:


Do you remember about the dreaming of fairy tale houses? This house was made by Morgans which shows an example of fantastic colonial architecture. It has also some haunted stories which you can listen. Besides, getting the beautiful views and the surroundings of the cottage makes this one of the best activities to do while staying at Kalimpong.

Kalimpong is a destination that can be visited throughout the year to satisfy every tourist’s needs. So book a hotel nearest Kalimpong and enjoy your trip!

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