What Should You Do When it landslides during Your Bhutan Trip?

What Should You Do When it landslides during Your Bhutan Trip?


Bhutan is a country of high mountain peaks and very risky road routes, so you should be careful during landslides while go for a Bhutan trip.

�Bhutan- World�s Magical Country�

Bhutan, the Last Shangri La is considered as the paradise for the Nature lovers. It is one of the most magnificent countries in the world for having astonishing landscapes and spellbinding high mountains. Their human-oriented approach towards life makes it the happiest place on Earth to be in. Bewitched by an eye-catching panorama of the surrounding, every traveler should once step foot in its tranquil premises to get an unforgettable experience in Bhutan.

Landslides- �A natural disaster�

Landslide is a type of "mass wasting," which denotes the movement of the mass of rock, debris, or earth down slope movement under the direct influence of gravity.

Reason That Evokes the Landslides-

  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Soil Erosions
  • Slow weathering of rocks

Why Bhutan Is Prone To Landslide?

Bhutan is a mountainous country in the world. There are several reasons behind land sliding in Bhutan-

  • It has hilly landscapes along undulating plains.
  • The climate of Bhutan is susceptible to precipitation and poor soil conditions.
  • Improperly constructed piles, roads, dams, and waste landfills have resulted in landslides, sometimes with catastrophic results.
  • Grazing, removal of chaparral and wildfires remove vegetative cover and create the potential for land sliding during wet weather.

How to Recognize Landslide Warning Signs?

Landslides are very uncertain things to happen in Bhutan and it is quite impossible to understand the sign of land sliding. However, we have researched about it for your concern which is described below-

  • The doors or windows of the hotel may get jam for the first time, which you can easily observe.
  • If you are outside, you can see the widening cracks appear on the ground of the road.
  • Fences, retaining walls, utility poles, or trees move.
  • You may encounter unusual sounds, such as trees cracking or might indicate moving debris.

Safety Tips You Should Follow During a Landslide-

We have entailed a list of some safety tips by which you can protect yourself during a landslide while you are in Bhutan-

  • Keep yourself alert and awake during landslides, as many deaths of people from landslides occur while they are sleeping.
  • Listen to local news stations on a radio for any updates regarding heavy rainfall.
  • Be alert and conscious if you are driving on the road at that time.
  • You should move away from the path of a landslide as soon as possible.
  • If you are going for a day trip to explore any river valleys and landslides occur suddenly, make a distance from the valley.
  • If you are near a stream or river, be always conscious and alert for any sudden increase or decrease in water flow.
  • The best advice for you to stay in your hotel rooms if you get previously sigh of land sliding or heavy rainfall occurs in the outside.

To proceed or to return is completely your choice, take it well!!

Bhutan is country, where almost every year landslides occur due to its high mountain ranges and sleepy landscapes. So, you should avoid this place for a vacation during the rainy season. Your safety is in your hand. Be safe and have a memorable vacation!

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