Trongsa - A proper guide to the beautiful hamlet with car rental service

Trongsa - A proper guide to the beautiful hamlet with car rental service


Trongsa is a small town located in the Trongsa Dzongkhag, in the central part of the little Bhutan. It is a historical place in Bhutan as most of the kings regulated their kingdom to the administrative seat of Trongsa. It is the place where the first monastery was built. Besides, the main town of Trongsa consists of clean and safe streets with white painted houses. The picturesque landscape and the perfect location of the valley of Trongsa are spectacular. For these beautiful sceneries Trongsa seems to be the best place to break your journey while you are in Bhutan.

Best time to visit Trongsa:

The ideal time to visit Trongsa is during the months of December and January. The climate seems to be calm and present and it is also the peak tourist season. You can enjoy the magnificent sightseeing places in Trongsa and nearby. During these months there is a Five day long Trongsa Tshechu festival held in the northern courtyard which mainly attracts lots of visitors.

How to reach Trongsa?

By Flight: The closes airport is Paro International Airport. From there you can hire a car and reach Trongsa. By Car: As it will take 14 hours to reach Trongsa from Siliguri so it is suggested to travel by flight or train to Paro or Phuentsholing and take cars available from every location of Bhutan. By Train: There are no railway stations in Bhutan but the only way is to take a train from Kolkata or Siliguri to Hasimara and transfer to Jaigaon by car or taxi. From there reach Phuentsholing for entry permits and get transferred to Trongsa by car.

Places to visit in Trongsa:

Trongsa is not the only centre of attraction; there are many other places for tourists to visit while in Trongsa to get lost in the wonders of the little Trongsa town.

Here is the list of best places to visit for a wonderful vacation:

1-Trongsa Dzong:

The Trongsa Dzong happens to be the largest and the most majestic Dzong in Bhutan. It is an alluring structure located on a ridge overlooking the Mangde Chhu River. It also acts as one of the most important administrative buildings building providing headquarters to the Government. However, it is an impressive site for people all around. Highlights

  • The architecture of the Dzong
  • The traditional woodblock printing
  • Trongsa Tshechu festival

2-Ta Dzong:

Ta Dzong is popularly known as the National Museum of Bhutan built in 1652. It forms a cylindrical structure with five storied building made up of stone. After 350 years of construction this has been converted to a museum and it represents the tradition and culture of Bhutan in an extra way with the perfect blend of traditional and modern culture. Highlights The museum displays 200 articles of-

  • Ancient paintings
  • Scrolls
  • Paperbooks
  • Statues, etc

3-Thruepang Palace:

It is the palace of the second king of Bhutan, Jigmi Wangchuk and it was built by him in 1920. The third king of Bhutan Jigmi Dorji Wangchuk was born here. At present the palace is used by the ruling Monarch of Bhutan as the official site of Trongsa when they are on a visit. It is one of the symbols of Monarchy and is still used by the royal family for occasions. Highlights

  • The beauty of the palace itself
  • The green lawn and the gardens near the palace
  • Traditional paintings

4-Semji Village:

This small village is the best excursion spot around the Trongsa district of Bhutan. It is an ancient village and is the ideal place to view some species of birds. The people in this village still follow the traditional culture of Bhutan and the natural surroundings gives a pleasant and calm environment while visiting this village. Highlights

  • The traditional life of the village people


  • Hiking
  • Bird watching

5-Kuenga Rabten Palace:

It is the winter residence of the second king of Bhutan. It is now in the hands of the National Commission of Cultural Affairs so it is not permitted to visit the palace. It is located about 24 kilometers from the main town and is one of the famous place to visit in Trongsa. Highlights

  • Beautiful woodwork
  • Decorations of the building

Where to stay in Trongsa?

As it is a small village there is not much hotels to stay. Even though, there is only one hotel, Yangkhil Resort to stay in Trongsa and enjoy the beautiful view of the village which gives pleasure to your eyes. This hotel will provide all the facilities according to their customer�s needs and let you have a comfortable stay.

A visit to Trongsa for a serene experience

To visit these places you surely need a Bhutan car rental to travel within time and view the serenity and magnificence of the village. Often referred to as the gateway to the East of the country Trongsa is definitely one of the majestic places to visit in Bhutan. The beauty of the place will leave you speechless and make you fall in love.

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