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Transport plays a crucial role in making travel successful. If you are looking for a great escape to the kingdoms of Bhutan, then there is no other alternative than hiring taxi services in Bhutan

It provides great convenience and flexibility to get to and from places without any hassle. It is one of the most reliable transports that not only ensures easy booking but also provides a great road trip experience with breathtaking sights.

Get a Taxi of Your Choice

What do you look for in a taxi booking? Mainly the best deals, trustworthiness and convenience, right? Taxi services in the region of Bhutan will surely give you one. Pick the preferred one and you can get the perfect service of a taxi in the Himalayan Kingdom.

Why Book a Taxi?

Is there anything more exciting than travelling without any discomfort? Or worrying about extra charges? Booking a taxi is the ideal answer for these questions. So, here are five reasons why one should book a taxi.

  • Convenience
  • Saves Time
  • Peace of Mind
  • Be yourself on the Road
  • Skilled Drivers
  • No surprise fees

Some of the Bhutan Taxi Services

Here is the list of taxi services in Bhutan available for a complete and safe trip to the Himalayan kingdom.

Gemini Tours & Travels:

The best way to fall in love with the beauty of Bhutan is to go through a taxi service. This can be provided very well by Gemini Tours & Travels along with a variety of cars to choose from.

Address: R.P Center, S.B.I Building, N.S Road, Near Bhutan Gate, Jaigaon, Dist: Alipurduar, 736182 (West Bengal)

AV Tours: 

Bhutan is a landlocked country with undulating terrain. This is why one must avail of taxi services in Bhutan for travelling. AV Tours offers the most affordable services with experienced local drivers for your convenience.

Address: RP Center, SBI Building, Near Bhutan Gate, Dist. Alipurduar - 736182, WB

Sri Balaji Tours:

Everyone has a hobby of travelling around the world and if it is Bhutan then you cannot ignore it. Sri Balaji Tours gives the opportunity of booking a taxi on your sightseeing trip to Bhutan.

Address: 1st Floor, Sri Ram Complex, Opp. Jaigaon Police Station, N.S. Road, Jaigaon - 736182, Dist. Alipurduar (W.B.)

India Bhutan Tour:

Turn to the taxi services and travel easily to the country of Bhutan. With the vast choice of cars, India Bhutan Tour will make your Bhutan trip amazing.

Address: R.P. Center, SBI Building, Jaigaon, Alipurduar, West Bengal, India – 736182

Best price and guaranteed taxis you can get one of the amazing Bhutan tours of your life.

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