Top 10 things to do on honeymoon in Paro

Top 10 things to do on honeymoon in Paro


Got hitched? Havent booked your honeymoon yet? If you have wished for something extraordinary, then ditch the rest and fly to Paro Bhutan for your honeymoon. Immersed in tranquility and the breathtaking beauty, Paro valley enfolds within itself luxuriant cultures and traditions, picturesque appeal, and many myths and legends unfolded in its ancient temples and monasteries. Paro is the land of undefiled wilderness and the ancient customs. The charming region is a remarkable blend of jaw-dropping allure and ancient history with a healthy sprinkle of modernity hurled in; which will bound to make you fall in love a bit more every second. So, here is the list of top 10 things to do on honeymoon in Paro-

1. Witness the vibrant Paro Tshechu:

 Your honeymoon trip to Bhutan will be incomplete if you fail to attend the most awaited, delightful, and dazzling Bhutanese Tshechus. Amongst the Tshechus that is celebrated across the country, Paro Tshechu is a crucial celebration and is considered a major attraction in Bhutan. It is one of the dynamic, beautiful, and significant events held every spring in Paro Dzongkhag district. As Tshechus holds a great cultural and religious significance, people from neighboring district travel to Paro to participate in this festivity. So, prepare yourself to witness the dynamism of Paro Tshechus which is believed to be found nowhere else in the world with your spouse. Witness the mask dance, watch the people clad in the best and colorful attires, click pictures, drink the local wine (Ara), savor Bhutanese cuisines, etc.

2. Go for Himalaya offbeat cycling/ mountain biking:

 Who says the honeymoon is all about cuddling? If your spouse loves adventure with a bit of seclusion, then Paro is the ideal destination. Your honeymoon trip to Paro Bhutan can be the remarkable moment of your life if you two add a bit of adventure and excitement with the Himalaya offbeat cycling trip or mountain biking with your spouse. As Paro is the region of great diversity, it has plenty of offbeat places where you can go for cycling expedition and can treat your eyes and spouse with the enchantingly stunning backdrops featuring vales, glacial fed waters, mountains, monasteries, and what not? Come, indulge, and see for yourself. Cycling along the roads unknown along with the beautiful backdrops and your spouse by your side! If it cant excite you, then nothing will.

3. Climb up to sacred Paro Taktsang (Tigers Nest):

 When we think of Bhutan we think of Paro Taktsang, a mysteriously built monastery on a granite cliff more than 3000 ft above the sea level. Some might not dare to climb up the cliff, some may console themselves with enough clicks, but what do you choose? Dont settle for clicks. Instead get a perfect pair of shoes for the duo and prepare to excel the heights with enthusiasm. The trek may take 3 hours to complete, and if needed, you can even take a pony ride. You can even take a break at a cafeteria along the midway for a rest and refreshments. At the end of the hike, get rewarded with the sights, mesmerizing enough to take your breath away, and attain the joy and satisfaction that nothing can give you and no price can purchase.

4. De-Stress with some Meditation:

 Remember, youve decided to spend your honeymoon in Bhutan, the worlds most bizarre country that chose Gross National Happiness over GDP. So, step into the worlds blissful country and a perfect place to discover peace and indulge in soul-searching. Its not only for those who seek spiritual assistance. It is a perfect place for every individual that is on a quest for peace of mind, seclusion, and happiness. So, seize the moment to attain the bliss and peace with your significant half by attending a meditation session at monasteries around or even at your own hotel. You can even meditate on your own at the secluded places in Bhutan. So, come, immerse in peace in a country where Buddhism is not just a religion but a way of life.

5. Relish the tongue-tingling Bhutanese cuisine:

 Bhutan is not only known for its traditions and customs, but also for its authentic tongue tingling cuisines. So, while holidaying in Bhutan, take time to savor the delicious cuisines. Bhutans national dish, Ema Datshi is prepared out from chillies cooked in cheese, which is a must try dish. Apart from chilies, Bhutanese dish comprises chicken, beef, and pork. If you eat pork, then you must try Phaksha Paa- pork cooked with spicy red chilies with spinach or radishes. For the vegetarians, there are countless options of mouth-watering dishes with organically grown vegetables. So, do not refrain yourself from teasing your taste buds.

6. Visit the ancient Dzongs, Places, and Monasteries:

 Paro is the home to age-old temples, monasteries or Dzongs, such as; Ringpung Dzong, Ta Dzong, Drukgyel Dzong, etc. Ringpung Dzong was built in 1646 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, and this Dzong maintains the monastic body of Paro. The other one is Ta Dzong; once a watch tower that was built to defend Ringpung Dzong during the inter-valley wars in the 17th century. Drukgyel Dzong, on the other hand, was built in 1646 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal to observe the victory over Tibetans. The ancient Dzongs and palaces portray the excellent architectural skills of Bhutanese. Explore the ancient relics with your spouse and get a bit more insight into the Dragon Realm.

7. Go for wildlife hiking around Paro and Haa Valley:

 Bhutan has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure. So, ditch the cities and embrace the ambiance of solitude and peacefulness with Bhutan treks and tours. You can trek around Paro and Haa valley to witness the natural appeal of the last Buddhist kingdom. Besides, treks and tours provide a wonderful opportunity to be harmony in nature. While trekking, you will come across Yaks peacefully grazing amid the lush meadows, forests covered with wildflowers, birds, etc, depending upon the season. You can camp on the wilderness for a day or two or more, sleep in tents, and eat food cooked in firewood, lie down in meadows under the clear sky with your spouse and confess your unending love for him/her.

8. Drive to the highest Mountain Pass of Bhutan, Chele La Pass:

 Located in the valley of Paro and Haa Valley, Chele La Pass (13,000 ft) is the highest motorable pass in Bhutan. It is significant for short hikes and treks, which is mainly favored by the tourists. For hikes and treks, some prefer driving, some hiking and some wheels down either to Haa or Paro valley with mountain biking expeditions. A drive to Chele La Pass will take you through luxuriant spruce and larch forests. Based on season, you will discover the sight of the frozen river, waterfall, and rhododendron bloomed forests and wildlife. If the weather favors, you can see Mt. Jhomolhari, Bhutans untouched and sacred peak at over 22,000 ft, along with Jichu Drake and adjoining peaks to the North West, as well as the view of both Paro and Haa Valley.

9. Explore the charming Paro City:

 Paro city is best explored on foot. It is a shoppers paradise. It has a unique blend of cultures with the modernity that challenges the last Shangri La image of Bhutan. If you love Bhutanese goods, souvenirs, etc., and want to purchase it as gifts for your loved ones while returning back home or simply keep it as the memory of your honeymoon in Bhutan, then Paro is a perfect place for you. Paro offers everything at a reasonable cost. The same will cost double the amount in Thimphu. You will be more surprised to discover the price drop on goods as you come at the local market located at the base of the Tiger Monastery trek at Paro. Besides, you can stroll across the city to discover crimson-robed monks and traditionally clad men and women in the streets. You can stop by a restaurant to savor the Bhutanese cuisine, or simply click pictures and marvel at the architectural craftsmanship of the ancient Buddhist architect of the bygone era. You can participate in the archery competition and involve in Tshechus at Paro with your spouse, create everlasting memories with Bhutan honeymoon trip.

10. Rejuvenate with mineral spring immersion:

 Bhutan is a country that is immensely endowed with natures wonders such as mineral hot springs, which are believed to have healing properties. So, since time immemorial, Bhutanese ensure to take bath in the mineral hot springs to ward off the skin diseases. So, you can ask your travel operator to arrange a tour to mineral hot springs for your better health. Treat yourself with this miraculous therapy to beat the stress that you two have been through the lengthy affairs of marriage ceremony preparation and the rituals that drained more of your energies. Mineral spring bath or Tshachu can be the best alternative that you can give yourself and your spouse for a fresh beginning of a new journey of life. So, have a happy honeymoon trip to Bhutan.

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