Top 10 Options To Experience The Fresh Mountain Air in Bhutan

Top 10 Options To Experience The Fresh Mountain Air in Bhutan


Bhutan is truly an intriguing country that is exceptionally blessed with natural grandeur. The last existing Buddhist kingdom and the worlds happiest nation is the epitome of cultural and spiritual high. The embraced philosophy for Gross National Happiness induces peace into this secluded mountainous kingdom. The country remains immersed in myth and legends that invokes awe and curiosity in its visitors. The magical domain provides a perfect holiday in Bhutan, mainly to those that are searching for an aesthetic charm, adventure, seclusion, serenity, and bliss. So, ditch the crowds for these top 10 handpicked places in Bhutan to experience the fresh mountain air.

1. High altitude Jhomolhari trek:

 Mount Jhomolhari is one of Bhutans most popular treks. The route can be tricky in places. If youre a fit moderate walker who can handle the rugged, undulating route, then youre going to enjoy it. The trek will begin at Paro Valley and end at Dolam Kencho. You will not only experience the adventure with trekking trips, but also love the eye-soothing views of woods, meadows, rivers, grazing cattle along with herdsmen, and more.

2. The enchanting Druk Path trek:

 The woods blooming with rhododendrons, lush green pine trees; relics, spiritual and cultural sites; lofty passes, lakes, and dales! You want it all, dont you? Well, get it all with Bhutan trekking trip. Embark on a short, enchanting, Druk Path Trek, which passes via the mountains between majestic Thimphu and Paro. While trekking, enjoy jaw-dropping views, abandoned fortresses, rural yak herders, and a lot more!

3. Incredible Laya Gasa trek:

 Laya Gasa trek is an ideal alternative for a moderately hard Bhutanese high altitude trek. With some fairly-hefty ascents and descents immersed in natural allure, Laya Gasa Trek is widely regarded as the most scenic in Bhutan. Besides the flocks of native blue sheep and Taking nibbling at the greenery and the snow-dusted Himalayan peaks, the invigorating thermal springs at Gasa is perhaps the best of all.

4. Exciting Dagala Thousand Lakes trek:

 Love outdoors? This little more off the beaten trek is for you! As the name suggests, you will witness many crystal clear lakes teeming with fish. On ascending Bhutan Himalayas, you will pass via coniferous forests and green meadows covered with wildflowers. Rugged plateaus and high mountain passes offer excellent vantage points from which to drink in and promote the views of Mount Everest and its towering neighbors.

5. Rejuvenating Duer Hot Springs Trek:

 Adventure junkies! This challenging trek is worth a try because it directs you to Duer Hotsprings, one of the most pristine and beautiful in all the Himalayas. You will trek through a largely intact forest ecosystem abounding with a variety of wildlife including Musk Deer and Black Bear. Contrary to other treks this treks take you into the hot springs and out along the same route, while other treks have different ending and starting points.

6. Pilgrimage trip to lofty Paro Taktsang:

 Taktsang Monastery is one of the things that come in our mind while we think of Bhutan. Replete with myths, legends aka Tigers Nest, and believed that famous guru Padmasambhava meditated here for three months. Thus it is regarded as a spiritually significant pilgrimage hub for the Buddhists. The cliff on which it dwells is 3,000 feet above the valley, and the access routes are adventurous and magical.

7. Visit the highest Motorable pass; Chelela Pass:

 A drive to Chelela Pass brings through dense spruce and larch forests depending upon the seasons. A clear day ensures the spectacular views of Mt. Jhomolhari and its adjoining peaks of the North West. Besides, the high altitude renders you the captivating view of Haa and Paro valley. You will love the serene ambiance without failing to resist the thousand fluttering prayer flags against the enchanting backdrop.

8. Dream-like Dochula Pass:

 Dochula Pass is one of the captivating vicinities in Bhutan. Dwelled at an altitude of 3150 meters above, it is a haven for peace seekers and adventurers. A fascinating trait of Dochula Pass is; 108 chortens that resemble the monasteries. The place ensures ravishing views on a clear day. If not the place remains misty, engulfed by the white clouds.

9. Breathtaking Bumthang Owl Trek:

 Planning for an incredible yet short Bhutan tour? Bumthang Owl Trek is ideal for you. Experience the culture and witness an eye soothing view of bamboo forests and a large variety of Rhododendrons that bloom in April and May. The trek begins near Dhur Village and bestows excellent bird watching opportunities. You can have uncluttered views of Gangkar Puensum (7570m) Bhutans tallest peak.

10. The adventurous Snowman trek:

 If youre a fully-fit acclimatized trekker, embark on Bhutans longest and most challenging trek that leads you northwards via mountains that enclose the Kingdoms border with Tibet. Trekking at an altitude of around 4,000 meters gives you a genuine sense of traversing the �the roof of the world. The route might be hard in places but rewards of the Snowman Trek are ineffable. So, come let the pure mountain air re-awaken your soul.

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