Things to Do in Kathmandu Valley

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Kathmandu is an incredibly busy, energetic and bustling city in Nepal. It is also the first destination that tourists opt for when landing in Nepal. But do not make it your ultimate stop.


It is amazing to enjoy this captivating place and soak up its atmosphere. So, if you want to know about this beautiful city then there are an incredible amount of things to do in Kathmandu.

Best things to do in Kathmandu

Keeping that in mind there is a list of things you can do to explore this surreal city of Nepal. Just take a look at it.

Head to the top of Swayambhunath:


Dating centuries back, Swayambhunath is an ancient temple that is often called the Monkey temple. Once you visit here, you will see a hundred rock steps that lead towards the temple. But once you get there you will witness the panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley.


  • Swayambhunath is the oldest temple of Nepal
  • Climb up to 365 steps for a great view of the city
  • Feed the monkeys

Visit the Pashupatinath Temple:







A popular destination for the mystic fans, this temple is famous for the insight it offers about the lives of the Sadhus. Once you land here, you can also witness the Hindu ancient rituals practiced inside the temple which will be a completely new experience.


  • Have a look at the Hindu monks at their sacred temple

Explore Boudhanath Stupa:


Being one of the largest stupas in Nepal, the Boudhanath Stupa is certainly one of the ideal places to visit in Kathmandu. With a trip here, you can learn about Buddhism principles from the monks. Make sure to wander around the complex where you will also find little shops and cafes.


  • One of the largest stupas in the world
  • Circumambulate the stupa and spin the prayer wheels

Shop at the Local Bazaars:


This thriving local market area is a place that will tickle each of your senses of shopping. A place of local or visitor hunt, it is an area that sells everything from street food, spices to gifts and goodies. So start shopping as much as you want.


  • It is one of the well-known original Nepalese market places
  • Buy local products, clothes, and handicrafts

Visit the Thamel district:







If you are done too much with the experience of the local market, then you can visit the Thamel district in Kathmandu. One of the best ways to experience Thamel is on foot. This place is one of the most popular and you will find a lot of food and little shops.


  • It is a tourist market with Wi-Fi
  • Thamel is also used as a base camp for mountaineering enthusiasts

Gorge on Momos:







Momos are the favorite food of the Nepalese. It is a type of dumpling which is inexpensive and delicious. To know from where it was originated, it was the country of Tibet. And you will not have any trouble finding Momos in Kathmandu. You can visit any restaurant and order a plate!


  • It is one of the favorite foods of the Nepali people
  • You can try Momos with a little bit of spicy chutney

On an ending note, here are the things you can do when in Kathmandu and explore Nepal’s authentic capital.

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