Soak into the Sunsets of Bhutan

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Imagine yourself absorbing the warm and sweet rays of sunset with only pure breezy evening vibes around you. Sunsets are the best kind of mood lifters. When the astonishing sunsets are mixed with scenic views of the surrounding hills, pollution-free skies and the heart-warming ambiance filled with peace, solace and soulful noises of the silence. If you want to experience a feeling of bliss along with majestic sunsets from extraordinary viewpoints, Bhutan is the perfect destination. With more than countable spots to stop and gaze at the sight for a moment, the happiest country waits for you with grandeur. Discover such magical spots, take a road trip to the wonderful country with the best car rental service in Bhutan.

Best Viewpoints of Bhutan

Travel to the best viewpoints and capture these extraordinary treats not just with your camera but fill it in your soul. The positivity in the aura of the places makes you fall in love and inspire you from within. Ride to the places that bring out the happiness in your heart. The car rental service in Bhutan assists you in this journey towards heavenly sites.

Feel at the top of the world at Dochula Pass

On the way to Punakha from Thimphu, you will pass this ineffable spot that will add to your appealing essence. Located at the hilltop at a height of 3100 m, this site gives you spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalayas and a panoramic view of the country. Can you visualize the sunset scenery over here?

Shining evenings at Punakha Dzong

Feel the dusk-lit aura of the pristine locality around one of the best Dzongs in Bhutan. The Dzong located at the convergence of two mighty rivers is itself a soothing treat to the eye. The best time of the day is sunset when the entire Dzong shines in the glittering rays of the sun during the evening.

The grand view of Taktsang Lhakhang

Also known as Tiger’s Nest, it is not only one of the most popular places to see but also boasts of the best views in the whole world. The trek to Tiger’s Nest is a challenging trek, but not only the destination, but the complete journey is also worth it. The Tiger’s Nest is an age-old structure comprising of 18 temples and stands on a cliff-side with utmost elegance.

Add more sunsets to your travel plan. Sunsets teach us that not all departures are ugly, some are aesthetically beautiful. Capture and cherish these moments of paradise with your loved ones amid the best scenic points in Bhutan. Learn more by going on the trip with the best car rental service in Bhutan.

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