Seven Delicious Burgers In The World That You Must Try

Seven Delicious Burgers In The World That You Must Try


Beef, chicken, veggie, drenched in melted cheese and burger sauce, topped with pickles as well as onions - it’s hard to beat a burger!

The above statement is absolutely true! Burger is a fast-food which is gaining popularity day by day among all the foodies. From elegant restaurants to Trendy Street, every food trucks are putting their spin on the burger.

World’s Most Enticing Burgers!!

A good burger whether traditional or vegetarian is a beautiful thing. Here, we have mentioned some mouthwatering burgers from across the world-

1. Fleur, Las Vegas

This is the most expensive burger in the world, which consists of-

• Kobe beef

• Foie Gras

• Lots of truffles

It is the most expensive one!

2. Patty and Bun, London

Another name is London! It is a developing country which is famous for its juicy beef patties and brioche buns. They’re all great, but the most famous one is the ‘Smokey Robinson’, consists of-

• Beef Patty

• Cheese

• Tomato

• Lettuce

• Caramelized onions

• Bacon

• Ketchup

• And brioche bun

It is a delicious one!

3. McDonald’s Big Mac, Worldwide

Is it fancy? No. But is it absolutely mouthwatering on a hangover Sunday? Yes. Either you are hungry or drink, there’s no denying the layers of meat, bread, lettuce, and special sauce in a round-shape bun will really amazing.

It is the iconic one!

4. In-N-Out burger, California

It is another yummy burger which focuses on fresh ingredients by using lettuce leaves instead of a bun. Although this burger loves by many, there is a debate that its better than anything offered on the East Coast or not.

It is a controversial one!

5. Five Guys, worldwide

Reckoned as the UK’s most popular burger, you will fall in love with this after having it. You can add as many toppings as you want as per your choice. While you are here, you should taste this unique one either you are hungry or not.

It is the fancy fast food one!

6. Au Cheval, Chicago

The best burger ever in the world, voted by The Burger Guide, Au Cheval serves up double and single cheeseburgers. With a delicious blending of bacon and egg, Au Chevals is something which you can’t afford to miss.

The burger geeks’ favorite one!

7. Roast burger, London

If you’ve ever found yourself divided between getting a whole roast dinner and a burger, this is the one for you. This is so yummy! The ingredients which make it favorite one are-

• Roast Beef

• Curly Kale

• Red cabbage

• Carrot

• Horseradish cream 

It is a lavishing one!

There’s indeed a lot to savor when it comes to taste Burger, this list was just a short guide to help you pick your priorities during your vacation in those lovely lands.

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