Paragliding in Bhutan - A guide every paraglider must know

Paragliding in Bhutan - A guide every paraglider must know


Have you ever thought of soaring like a bird? Then we are here to give some tips for paragliders wanting to try out their skill in this sport! Did you, in your childhood ever pretend flying? Between our heavy work schedules and deadlines, you somehow let your childhood dreams go away from your hands. What if you get a chance to experience your dream, in this case, flying? Then, paragliding is the best chance to offer you to soar high up in the blue sky and get a birds eye view of the gigantic Himalayan ranges from the top. It sounds too good to be true, right? Let’s us how!

Best time to experience!!

Bhutan can be visited between October and December. January and February are comparatively colder but from then till April the weather remains pleasant. However, every month is not suitable for paragliding in Bhutan. So, the ideal time is from October to December with the weather being clear and not windy at all. Also, if you are looking for low flying then this is the best season to fly!

Cost for Paragliding!!

Every adventure seeker cannot ignore the fact that paragliding is a reasonably beautiful experience. You can experience scenic beauty as you share your space with birds. Though money cannot buy you happiness, but can surely buy you a paragliding trip!

Indian Citizens:

  • Short Flight: INR 7000 per person (25 minutes approx.)
  • Long Flight: INR 10000 per person (50 minutes approx.)


  • Short Flight: INR 10000 per person (25 minutes approx.)
  • Long Flight: INR 15000 per person (50 minutes approx.)


  • Videography and photography services

Favorite places to try out!!

Here we are to give you some of the places within Bhutan where you can try out your fantastic experience of paragliding. So, scroll through this, pick up a destination and take off with imaginary wings. The sky will indeed bless you!

  • Bumthang valley:

The astonishing view of this scenically valley attracted tourists all around the world. The region has the best paragliding facilities for both beginners and experts. You will also get stunning aerial views of apple orchards, Buddhist temples, and monasteries!

  • Phobjikha Valley:

This valley is a vast U-shaped glacial valley. It is also known as Gangtey valley. This valley is best known for its scenic views of beautiful meadows, terraced fields and also hosts many adventure activities. Do watch out for fog and weather conditions before paragliding!

  • Haa Valley:

Adjoining the districts of Bhutan, Haa is one of the most beautiful places in the Kingdom. The cobbled streets surrounded by trees and hills make it an ideal spot for paragliding in this valley. Haa is an excellent place for learning paragliding for both beginners and experienced.

  • Ura Valley:

Ura valley takes its visitors back in time with its traditionally built houses and stony paths. This valley has remained untouched by modernity. Also, the valley being thermic in April allows paragliders to practice paragliding here.

    • Paro Valley:

Paro has some of the best traditional Bhutanese farmhouses, Buddhist temples, and monasteries. Aside from the picturesque scenery, the valley has predictable wind conditions. This reason also makes Paro valley an ideal spot for paragliding.

Let us finally discuss the tips!!

Paragliding being the most popular adventure sport in Bhutan, it is also somewhat dangerous. So, it is essential to follow important paragliding guidelines to ensure your security to have a safe experience after all:

  • Test your paragliding equipment with care before you start flying.
  • Practice your technique of launching and landing.
  • Research beforehand about the weather conditions and also the temperature of a given day.
  • You must dress appropriately according to it.
  • You should know from your pilot in case of packing for windproof or thermal clothing.
  • Do not hurry to speed up as soon as you launch.
  • Wait till your body’s speed matches the wing speed before landing.
  • Try managing your wing smoothly instead of sharply steering it to avoid tight turns and abrupt shifts.

If you want to exceed your limits and fuel the adventure junkie in you, then paragliding in Bhutan is an opportunity that you should take for sure. Not only that, but this enthralling experience will also make one hell of a story to share with your friends and family!

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