A One Day Trip to Bhutan on a Rental Car

A One Day Trip to Bhutan on a Rental Car


Bhutan is considered as the paradise for the Nature lovers. It is one of the most magnificent countries in the world which has astonishing landscapes and spellbinding high mountains. The serene monasteries, alluring weather, and the lush green valleys make this country more beautiful. Their human-oriented approach towards life makes it the happiest place on Earth to be in. The beautiful place is also flanked by the clearest of streams and has the most bewitching forest trails ever explored by man. Hence, every traveler should once step foot in its tranquil premises to get an unforgettable experience. If you want a one day trip to Bhutan with the rental car, then we will suggest that you should go for Jakar Tour. As other places in Bhutan are quite impossible to cover in one day, so it is recommended that you should choose Jakar for a day trip with your family.

Getting Jakar-

By air: The best way to reach Jakar is by taking a flight from your nearest airport to Bathpalathang Airport. At the airport, you will get several hired taxies to reach Jakar. By rail: The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and from there, you can hire a taxi or a cab to reach Jakar. By road: You can visit Jakar through numerous state buses which travel from the border of Phuentsholing.

Choose the most reliable car rental service in Jakar for a one-day trip-

After reaching Jakar, you can opt for car rental service to tour throughout Jakar at a cheaper rate by booking one of the best travel agencies in Bhutan. If you want to travel solo or in a group with friends/family in Jakar, make RS Travels your first choice. We provide one of the best car rental services in Bhutan. Our service is chauffeured by experienced local drivers who are well-versed with the routes of Jakar over years of service.

A brief idea about the beautiful Jakar-

It is a quaint town that lies in the central part of Bhutan. The name of Jakar translates to �white bird� which is in reference to the foundation myths. Jakar itself is a hustling two-street town and most of the shop fronts are new, as shops were rebuilt after three fires destroyed much of the town in 2010. There is an alluring wind blow from the south of a valley every afternoon, which makes Jakar nippy in the evenings.

Popular sightseeing places to explore in Jakar-

Through our car rental services in Bhutan, you can explore some of the most beautiful places in Jakar on a one day trip, which are mentioned below-

1. Jakar Dzong-the castle of the White bird:

The name of "Jakar Dzong" literally implies the �castle of the white bird�, which is located on the scenic ridge overlooking the Chokhor valley. This Dzong has constructed in 1549 and according to history, it played an important role as the fortress of defense of the Dzongkhags. After firework, this structure is rebuilt in 1667 and is said to be one of the largest Dzong in Bhutan, with impressive fortress walls and elegant structure.

2. Wangdichholing Palace- a palace that glorifies Bhutanese art and infrastructure:

This palace was built in 1857 by Trongsa Penlop Jigme Namgyel and was later restored by his son Ugyen Wangchuck. Wangdichholing palace stands today at that place where once there was a battle camp. It is located in the valley beside the Chamkhar River and represents the true aesthetic Bhutanese infrastructure. The long alleyway with stone walls leads to the courtyard of the Palace from the parking space.

3. Lhodrak Kharchu Goemba-a serene monastery where visitors can get peace:

This Goemba is located above the main town of Jakar and 3 km away from the town of Chamkhar. It was founded by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche in 1984. The monastery has become an important place to preserve the Tibetan Culture. The activities performed regularly by the monks of the monastery are-

  • Memorizing daily prayers
  • Learning the melodies of sacred rituals
  • Learning dharma dances
  • Poetry
  • The practice of different stages of Tantra

Besides the above-mentioned places, we will also bring you to the famous Cheese Factory and Bumthang Brewery to make your trip most perfect one.

Popular FAQs-

Q. What is the best time to explore the beauty of Jakar? A. September to November is the best time period to explore the beauty of Jakar. Q. Is there any entry fee needed for visiting the Wangdichholing Palace? A. No, there is no need of any entry fee for visiting the Wangdichholing Palace. Q. What is the right time to explore Lhodrak Kharchu Goemba? A. The morning time is the best to visit Lhodrak Kharchu Goemba, as this time you can explore the various activities like memorizing daily prayers and practice of different stages of Tantra.

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