Once in a lifetime Bhutan tour for Senior citizens

Once in a lifetime Bhutan tour for Senior citizens


Bhutan is the pilgrim�s paradise. The last Buddhist kingdom is one of the safest countries to travel in the world, where Buddhism is not a religion but a way of life. Even though the number of tourists entering in Bhutan is limited due to its policy of �low impact and high value� Bhutan anticipates both solo and group, young and old, who are mindful and responsible travelers. Bhutan is the ultimate destination for the peace seekers, culture freaks, and pilgrims. Bhutan culture and pilgrimage tour can be the best trips for senior citizens who are willing to build a firm inner peace and seeking something incredible. 

Origin of Bhutan as a spiritual country

Traditionally, the inception of Bhutan and its history started in the 7th century AD during the reign of Tibetan King; Songster Gampo, who built the first two Buddhist temples in Paro and Bumthang Valley. In the 8th century Guru Padmasambhava arrived in Bhutan from Swat; the present day Pakistan, but in Tibet, he was called as �Precious Master�. Padmasambhava known as Guru Rinpoche introduced Tantric Buddhism in Bhutan. Every place where he meditated and visited is the significant Pilgrimage sites for the Bhutanese who are the devotees of his 8 Manifestations in almost every temple in the kingdom.

Why recommend Bhutan tour for senior citizens?

Bhutan is all that a soul seeks for. From stunning landscapes to the peaceful monasteries, from magnificent Dzongs to the quaint villages, far-flung valleys to the snow embellished peaks, etc. Apart from the scenic appeal, the country is deeply rooted in its traditional and spiritual beliefs that stand aloof from the rest of the world. Sparsely populated and immersed in serenity, Bhutan is an ideal destination that promises an incredible holiday for senior citizens.

1. Trouble free travel with fewer crowds:

Bhutan is sparsely populated, and even the number of travelers traveling to Bhutan is limited. To keep their culture and traditions alive, the country has limited the number of people coming in. So, if senior citizens can travel on their own without having to be troubled by the maddening crowds and chaos, then Bhutan is that destination. Its country devoid of traffic lights, but there hardly is any honking sound heard, nor there are exasperating traffic jams. It�s all calm and clean, an ideal ambiance that a mind and soul seeks.

2. It is the country of happiness and peace:

Nothing goes well with an unhappy heart. At every sphere of life, we seek peace and happiness because these are the essence in which our life gets molded to be complete. Bhutan is one such country in the world, which has ditched the GDP in order to adopt the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. So, it is obvious that Bhutan tour can be the ideal tour for the senior citizens. It is certain that that you will feel good in a kingdom, where the happiness of citizens is put before everything, even above the GDP of the country.

3. It is country where spirituality is a way of life:

Bhutan is the last Buddhist kingdom in the world to follow the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. The country breathes in the air of spirituality and their religious beliefs are reflected everywhere, from dotting monasteries to the elderly people walking around with prayer beads in their hands. In fact, Buddhism is not their religion; it is a way of life. So, to establish peace and strong spirituality, Bhutan can be the ultimate destination of travel for senior citizens.

4. The momentous and vibrant Bhutanese festivals:

The cultural and traditional beliefs of Bhutan is kept alive with Bhutanese Tshechus, the grand celebrations are the most anticipated activities and a major reason to attract the travelers worldwide. Traditional mask dance and the archery are also a major part of the celebration. So, before we seek other reasons, Tshechus are one of the best reasons why senior citizens should travel to Bhutan. Tshechus also brings the opportunities like mushroom harvesting activities, learning about the rustic life, a pilgrimage trip to scenic valleys, savoring the foods and drinks of Bhutan, etc.

5. Bhutan tour guide like the guardian angel:

In a country where you�re a complete stranger, it feels good to be cared and valued. Most expert travelers recommend trip to Bhutan for senior citizens because where you have a responsible and courteous tour guide who caters to your needs and looks after you like a guardian angel then, theres nothing to ask for more. Your Tour guide takes responsibility for taking you to the off-beat places, adventure activities, etc. Even if you travel alone, your travel guide will be your companion, and if you want he can even accompany you during your meals. With a reliable tour guide as such, a senior citizen can never get lost, nor does he lack anything he requires.

6. The peaceful pilgrimage tour:

People go for pilgrimage tours for seeking peace and to establish their relationship with the God. Similarly, Bhutan offers a lot of sacred sites to venture in such tours. Each valley and most of the places are sacred and hold the significance of being scared. Paro in Bhutan is the most sought after place, due to the sacred pilgrimage site- Tiger�s Nest (Paro Taktsang). Climbing up the cliff to the mysteriously built monastery seems impossible, but there�s a trail that leads to the monastery. There are provisions of mules for carrying the loads and the ones not accustomed to walking can also opt for a ride uphill. Climbing up to Tiger�s Nest can be both trekking for senior citizens, as well as an ideal pilgrimage trip.

7. Healthy cuisines and delights:

What you eat matters the most, especially while traveling to a new country, food is a major concern. Bhutan is known for its authentic cuisines and gastronomical delights. It the country where you relish the dishes prepared from the freshest organic produce, where rice is red, and chilies are the main dish. Bhutanese dishes are mostly comprised of cheese and meat, but if you want, there are also wide options for vegetarian dishes. The cuisine of Bhutan is widely anticipated by the foreign travelers, due to its authentic taste and health benefits. So, why wait for more. Forget the hassle; leave the world behind, venture into the new world of peace and bliss.

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