Memorable trip to Zuri Dzong Fort that will leave you enchanted!

Memorable trip to Zuri Dzong Fort that will leave you enchanted!


Are you visiting Paro on your next trip to Bhutan? Then visit Zuri Dzong Fort to experience authenticity in this land of Thunder Dragon. It is a small historic town with unexplained wilderness and willow trees lining its meandering roads. It is a quaint little town in the picturesque Paro valley of Bhutan. From historic fortresses and ruins to pretty sights of apple orchards, Paro is sure to leave you mesmerized on your trip to Bhutan! We hope only visiting Paro is not enough; Zuri Dzong Fort is a small attraction which must be visited! Let’s take a tour!

Zuri Dzong Fort- The oldest Dzong of Bhutan

Built in 1352, Zuri Dzong Fort is one of the ancient fortresses which is home to the valley’s loyal protector. It is the oldest Dzong and the most famous one. It was built as a fort but till date, the five-story building is protected by the surrounding double walls even today. Isn’t that alluring? Let us know more...

How to reach:

Zuri Dzong Fort lies in Paro itself. So, you can book the tour operator in Bhutan to hire a car from Paro to reach this beautiful fort. Distance: 3kilometers Time: 8 minutes from Paro Timings and entry fee for the fort: There is no fixed timings or entry fee, but still for you to know Timings: Can be visited anytime Price: Free So let’s continue with...

The exciting legend lies behind it!!

There is also a cave amidst the area in which the people believed to have Buddha seated and meditated here.

Apart from the belief!! It is also famous for:

  • A beautiful collection of murals in the upper chapels
  • The peak of the fort is famous for a bird-eye view

Hold on for a moment! There is something more... You can even hike up to the Dzong to capture the entire view of Paro valley. People can also hike up north from Gonsaka Lhakhang for a moderate hike or from Paro Ta Dzong if you are finding for something more accessible. The hike takes you to the levels along the slope with a stunning view of the valley. Also, it is an excellent spot for taking pictures. The total journey takes approximately 30 minutes if you start from the National Museum and additional 1 hour if you want to leave from Uma resort. Yearning already to treat your eyes on the beautiful sight of Zuri Dzong Fort? Then plunge into the serenity of the authenticity of Paro.

Popular FAQs:

Q: How can I go to Paro Bhutan? A: You can go to Paro by air. Paro has an international airport Q: Is Indian currency used in Paro? A: INR 50 and 100 denominations are used in Bhutan.

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