Last Minute Checklist before Traveling Within India

Last Minute Checklist before Traveling Within India


Are you planning to visit India for vacation? India harbors friendly people whose culture teaches them that guests are equivalent to God.

If you are just like me there is always something we are forgetting to pack. This is why I wrote this post, to help you and also me, to not to forget anything on your next vacation! There is nothing worse than getting to the other side and to realize you forgot a bunch of things. Right? You could probably get it on the other side too but it wastes much more time along with lots of costs!

Things To Make Note Of While Traveling To India


Below is my last minute Packing Checklist for your remarkable Vacation. Use this before zipping your suitcase to make sure you don´t forget anything-

1. Pack Something Warm

Even if you´re traveling to a warm place, layering is a key to protect yourselves. Make sure you have a light cover up for those summer evenings and a jacket for a more formal setting.

2. Charge Your Camera Battery

Make sure your camera battery is fully charged as well as your cell phone too. Moreover, make sure you have your cell phone charged for those all important moments on your Insta stories. So, carry a portable charger handy is a very good idea!

3. Don´t Forget Your Memory Card!

Speaking about the camera, don´t forget your memory card, atleast 2 x 64GB memory cards when you travel. Nobody wants to run out of space while on vacation!

4. Don´t Forget To Pack Your Sunnies!

Sunglasses! Nothing worse than trying to take snapshots of the amazing surroundings but you can´t see anything because the sun is shining in your eyes, Not so cool, right!

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5. Take a Good Book to Read!

A good book to read or a movie downloaded on your favorite tablet which helps so much during plane, car, train rides, etc. Oh and don’t forget your earphones too!

6. A First Aid Kit!

A travel first aid kit contains travel medicines that can especially come in handy! This one should everything from pain relievers to bandages and all your important medicines for your health.

7. A Laundry Bag!

I can´t stand the thought of mixing my clean and dirty staffs! Ewww! Do you? if no, this is the way when you get home all you need to do is to remove the bag with the dirty laundry and drop it into the laundry basket.

8. A Hat!

Nothing worse than getting sunburnt on vacation, Ouch! AND that´s why you need a hat as well as a sunscreen for those hot summer days!

9. Directions!

Maps & directions are the most necessary items to the area/hotel where you´re staying. Even if your rent a car that has a GPS it´s better to have backups, wow!

10. Travel Documents!

Oh yes! Without your passport & necessary travel documents, you can’t go anywhere.

11. Keys!

When you get back from holiday, and we all know, you don´t want to be locked outside of your house, right? So, keep your house & car keys safe.

12. Cash!

Although most places accept cards these days but just in case you just want to buy a bottle of water or want to buy a small souvenir, you need cash, right? So make it handy by carrying enough cash to fulfill your requirement!

So those are the 12 last minute packing checklist for your hassle-free vacation. We hope this list will surely help all of you!

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