Jakar Tshechu Festival- an amazing experience of Bhutan in October

Jakar Tshechu Festival- an amazing experience of Bhutan in October


Have you ever visited Bhutan? If not, then you must visit once in your lifetime. The place is equipped with many ancient monasteries, spiritual temples, lakes and many other things to experience in this country. It is a landlocked country between China and India. It is a land of many colorful festivals along with beautiful places to visit. So, if you are really searching to travel then Bhutan is the ultimate destination for your trip.

Festivals in Bhutan

Bhutan is the land of many festivals. These festivals are known for their richness, vibrancy, and happiness. The ancient expressions of Buddhist culture and tradition are celebrated through these festivals. They are re-enacted and celebrated their festivals with such vigor and joy that it attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the globe. Among all these festivals, Jakar Tshechu is the most famous festival in Bhutan.

Jakar Tshechu

Jakar means �white bird� and Tshechu means �tenth day�. It is also known as Jakar Dzong which means �white bird fortress�. It is a three to four day festival with several colorful mask dances. They basically dance in the middle of the courtyard while the audience sits around and watch the performance. People come dressed in colourful attires and enjoy the dance with joy. It also gives you the chance to click photographs. It was a new festival organized by the Jakar Dzong monastic body. It is the best festival which must be experienced to get a lifetime experience in Bhutan.

In which month it is held?

Bhutan festivals are celebrated all throughout the year but Jakar Tshechu is celebrated in the month of October. It lasts for three to four days during the ninth month of the Bhutanese Lunar Calendar. You can also travel to Bhutan to see this festival this year from 17th October to 20th October to get to explore this beautiful festival.

Grab the opportunity of witnessing the wonderful festivals of Bhutan

The festivals like Paro Tshechu, Thimphu Tshechu, Jambay Lhakhang Drup, etc makes Bhutan a popular festival country where people from all over the world come to see these festivals and enjoy the rich culture of Bhutan. RS Travels will give you this wonderful opportunity to explore this festival with your own eyes.

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