Get set on your foot to enjoy the upcoming Thimphu festivals of 2019

Get set on your foot to enjoy the upcoming Thimphu festivals of 2019


Hearing about festivals gives an all-new spirit of joy and happiness and if it is in Bhutan then no other excitement can be compared.

A sneak peek into the festivals of Thimphu

The festivals in the land of Thunder Dragon are rich in color and it expresses the best of Bhutan�s culture and tradition. These festivals are held in all the districts of Bhutan in honor of Guru Rinpoche, who was the ultimate founder of Buddhism religion in Bhutan. These festivals are celebrated wonderfully and indulging yourself in these festivals with the best Thimphu car rental service will give you the real essence of ways and living of people.

Things to see during the festivals of Thimphu:

As these are the main festivals of Thimphu you can get to see amazing things during the days of the festivals.

  • People get dressed in their best clothes and visit the fortresses
  • The monks perform special masked dances
  • You can listen to the values, mythology and spiritual beliefs of the Bhutanese
  • Witness the display of the giant silk thangka

The popularity of Thimphu festivals:

Thimphu festivals are by far the most popular festivals of Bhutan. These festivals are the best ways to celebrate the foundation of Buddhism religion and culture. But the reasons for being popular among travelers are:

  • The location of the festivals is at an hour drive from the Paro airport.
  • Thimphu festivals take place in spring and autumn which is considered to be the best time to visit Bhutan

An inner insight of the Thimphu festivals:

After much information about the significance of the festivals, we are here to take you on a Bhutan festival tour of 2019 so that you can plan your Bhutan itinerary plan by the festivals.

1-Rhododendron Festival:

 If you love flowers then Rhododendron festival is one such festival to witness such beauty. It is a special event which is held every year. It is the time when the flowers are in full bloom located at a place called Lamperi which is about 35 kilometers away from Thimphu. 2019 date: April 19- April 21, 2019 Duration: 3 days

2-Mushroom Festival:

During the beginning of the mushroom season, this festival is celebrated in the Ura valley in the last week of August. This season brings some of the opportunity to savor some of the delicious mushroom meals, songs, dances and know about types of mushrooms. 2019 date: August 15- August 16, 2019 Duration: 1 day

3-Thimphu Drubchen:

 This festival is popularly known as Thimphu Dromchoe which is a one-day festival is showcasing the religious dances dedicated to the chief protective deity of Bhutan, Palden Lhamo. This is also significant in removing misfortunes and brings good luck in one�s life. 2019 date: October 3, 2019 Duration: 1 day

4-Thimphu Tshechu:

It is one of the famous and the biggest festivals of Bhutan which attracts a lot of visitors. Trained monks perform dances in amazing masks and costumes. Tshechus is one of the ways to experience the ancient living culture of Bhutan. 2019 date: October 7- October 9, 2019 Duration: 3 days

5-Jomolhari Mountain Festival:

 This festival celebrates the culture of the communities which lives in close contact with the endangered snow leopards. It is an annual event where the locals perform snow leopard themed songs and dances to entertain the travelers and celebrate the festival. 2019 date: October 14- October 15, 2019 Duration: 2 days

6-Druk Wangyel Tshechu festival:

 It is a unique festival which is performed by the Royal Bhutan Army to celebrate their service in protecting the sovereignty and stability of the country. It is also a tribute to the wise leadership of the fourth king of Bhutan. 2019 date: December 13, 2019 Duration: 1 day

Plan your tour during these festivals

If you want to experience the unique culture and tradition of Bhutan then do take part in these festivals with the best Bhutan tour operator for a magical tour of the little kingdom of Bhutan tucked in the lap of the Himalayas.

Popular FAQs

Q: When is it ideal to book tickets for the Bhutan trip? A: It is ideal to book tickets before the festive season of Bhutan to avoid any problem during the start of your Bhutan trip. Q: What is the most famous festival of Thimphu? A: Thimphu Tshechu is the most famous festival of Thimphu as it offers you an opportunity to seek into the ancient culture of Bhutanese people.

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