Get an Eye-Catching Glimpse of Colorful Paro Tsechu Festival

Get an Eye-Catching Glimpse of Colorful Paro Tsechu Festival

Paro Tsechu is one of the most popular festivals in Bhutan for its unique authenticity. This festival featuring dances performed by trained monks and laymen in colorful masks as well as vibrant costumes. Bhutanese celebrate their Tshechu festivals in order to show their traditions and cultures among the visitors. It is a type of Tsechu which is celebrated in honor of Guru Rinpoche, the saint who brought Buddhism to Bhutan. Paro festivals in Bhutan are known to be the most visited ones around the country and attracts most people from all over the world because of its hospitality and connectivity.

Now, a few words on Paro- A place of traveler�s paradise:

A unique blend of picturesque scenery and ancient history welcomes you to the beautiful city of Paro. This beautiful place is also the heaven for the peace lovers and is the gateway to some of the most popular tourist hotspots in Bhutan. This serene town lies in the center of the lush green valley, which is fenced in beautiful pine coniferous trees. This valley houses the monasteries of ornate architecture and National Museum. There are many alluring Dzongs present in this place, where various types of festivals are performed. Among them, Paro Tsechu is the most famous one.

Getting Paro-

You can reach Paro either by taking a flight from your nearest airport to Paro International Airport or by reaching to the nearest railhead, i.e. New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. From there, you can rent a car or hire a taxi to reach your desired destinations of Paro.

Few Things to Experience at the Paro Tsechu Festival-

The Paro Tsechu Festival is a 5-day celebration of local culture. It has been held annually since 1644. This festival is also known as the Spring Festival, which takes place in the month of March each year.

The highlighted points of Paro Tsechu Festival experience-

  • This year the festival was started on 27th March and ended on 31st March.
  • Paro Tsechu festival has shown 3 specific parts-
  • The pre-festival rituals organized on the 1st day of the festival.
  • Numerous ceremonies are held on the 2nd day of festival inside the Paro Dzong.
  • And the other cultural programmes including dancing are organized on the festival ground on the remaining 3 days.
  • Monks, local people as well as the tourists can take a part in the festival dances to enjoy their traditions.
  • The dance forms of this festival are the same as other, but the sequence of this festival�s dance quite varies:
  • On the day 1- There was a dance form, known as Shinje Yab Yum, the dance of the Lord of Death and his consort. This dance is performed by wearing a buffalo mask along with a long brocade dress.
  • The 2nd day of this festival begins with �chipdrel�, which is a traditional dance form of Bhutan. At this day, the Astara welcomes a vast audience with the Marchang ceremony.
  • A highlight of the Paro Tsechu is the silk Thangka which covers the face of an entire building. It is considered one of the most sacred blessings in the whole of Bhutan and is only exhibited for a few hours on the final day of the festival enabling the people to obtain its blessing.

The significance of Paro Tsechu Festival�s Dances-

The various types of dances evoke the immortality of the tantric teachings. It is believed that it removes misfortunes by suppressing all evil spirits with their power and blessings. The visitors attend this colorful festival to witness the Bhutanese local culture and traditions as well as the tantric Buddhist rituals. Schedule of Paro Tsechu Festival in 2019- 17th -21st March 2019 Choosing the right travel agency for your next year trip to Paro Tsechu Festival - If you want to make a plan to explore Paro Tsechu festival in the next year along with its sightseeing places, get in touch with us. RS Travels is the most reliable travel agency in Bhutan that will make your trip more conveniently at a pocket-friendly rate. Our Bhutan tours packages include-
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