Gangtey-A Major Attraction in Bhutan that値l give you A Lifetime Experience

Gangtey-A Major Attraction in Bhutan that値l give you A Lifetime Experience

Nature bestows on its full attention which can be seen from the surrounding valleys making Gangtey as beautiful as paradise itself.

Gangtey- 践idden Gem of Bhutan

Perched at an altitude of 2900m, Gangtey is considered one of the most beautiful valleys Bhutan has got. Falling under the district of Wangdue Phodrang, this flat valley will stun you by its surroundings without any trees after the hard climb through dense forests. The entire area of this valley is filled with dwarf bamboo and with potato fields where monks all around, it痴 a place next to heaven!

Getting Gangtey

Nearest Airport: Paro International Airport is the nearest airport of Gangtey. At the airport, you can opt for taxi services in Bhutan to reach Gangtey. Distance from Paro International Airport to Gangtey- 10.1 km Nearest Railhead: There is no direct train to reach Bhutan. The nearest railheads are Hasimara Railway Station and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. From those stations, you can reach to Bhutan via Phuentsholing with the help of car rental services.

Why Gangtey?

Gangtey is a beautiful valley which you must be explored. Here, we will give you the appropriate reasons to visit Gangtey at least once in a lifetime-
  • It is a U shaped glacial valley named after the Gangteng Monastery in central Bhutan.
  • Gangtey serves as the home of the Black Necked Cranes during winter times who on arrival circle the monastery three times.
  • Famous for its marshland, scenic and cultural uniqueness.
  • Celebrates the colorful musk dance festival and the famous Crane festival each year during the winters.

Does Gangtey Valley hold any past?

Gangtey boasts two beautiful glittering rivers i.e. Nakay Chhu and Gay Chhu. There is something interesting history behind this valley-
  • Legend says that these two rivers actually represent a snake and a boar.
  • These two animals once raced against each other with an interesting agreement.
  • The agreement was that if the snake (Nakay Chhu) won, Gangtey valley would be able to grow rice.
  • And if the boar won, then rice could never be cultivated in this area.
  • The snake lost and rice cannot be cultivated in the valley even today.

Most Astonishing Places to Visit around Gangtey!!

Gangtey is a hub of numerous tempting places, such as-

1. Gangte Goemba-腺hutan痴 ornate architecture

Gangte Goemba Built in pure Tibetan style with eight pillars, Gangte Goemba is one of the largest halls in Bhutan. The inner sanctum of the building contains the funeral chorten of founder Tenzing Dhendup and the woodwork is 450 years old which you must explore. Best time to visit: September to November

2. Radak Neykhang -羨n Ancient Temple in Bhutan

It痴 the place where a good collection of helmets, shields, and knives has been kept here. There is a heroic person of the local water spirit who is thought of living in the local river. Best time to visit: October to December

3. Black Necked Crane Information Centre-禅he name of its signifies its importance

This center will give you detailed information about black-necked cranes. Here you can also look for the handicraft shop here and go for a bike ride. Best time to visit: April to October

4. Pastureland-羨 Land with Majestic Pheasants

While taking a pleasant walk around this mesmerizing land, you will find several pheasants moving around. You can also explore bamboo products which can be bought from the local market. Best time to visit: March to April

Popular FAQs-

Q. What are the best hotels to stay in Gangtey? A. The best hotels to stay in Gangtey are Palace Hotel, Gangtey Lodge, Dewachen Hotel & Spa etc. Q. What are the best restaurants near Gangtey? A. The most popular restaurants near Gangtey are Lollipop Restaurant & Bar, Mountain Cafe, Authentic Pizza, My Kind Of Place etc where you will most delicious cuisines.
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