Five skiing destinations around the world for an adventurous holiday

Five skiing destinations around the world for an adventurous holiday


“If you want to appreciate the beauty of a snowflake then it is necessary to experience it with your hands.”

Those who love white and fluffy snow, winter is the best time of year!

 While others long for the summer sun, many of us look for the blanket of snow to show skiing skills amidst the beautiful landscapes.

There is something always exciting about the skiing season. So, whether sliding down a snow-covered mountain is your version of fun then here are some of the perfect skiing destinations for a comforting break from the winter!

Do you want to spend the last few winter months indulging in adventures? Then, here are some of the ski destinations around the world to enjoy the beauty of snow!

1. Zermatt, Switzerland-Gateway to the Alps


With jaw-dropping mountains and surrounding scenery, Zermatt is an ultimate winter paradise.

In addition, a massive ski area gives an old-world charm for tourists to enjoy skiing. Also, you can avail travel packages to Switzerland for a lovely vacation.

2. Whistler, British Columbia-The best of the backcountry

Snow-capped peaks, sparkling lakes, and gushing waterfalls make Whistler attracting.

However, if you love winter adventures then, skiing here is also the best thing you can experience.

With pristine ski spots and plenty of destinations, you can avail travel packages to British Columbia for your budget tour.

3. Chomolhari, Bhutan-The legendary terrain


Though there are not much ski touring areas in Bhutan, however, Chomolhari is the most obvious one. If you like discovering lofty mountains, then a ski trip with the best travel packages to the land of Bhutan is all that you need.

4. Vail, Colorado-A run for everyone

With a number of winding trails running between pine forests, Vail is very suitable for every level of skiers.

If you like less challenging areas then the scenic back-country trip by availing travel packages to Colorado will give you an unforgettable experience.

5. Santa Fe, New Mexico- Enjoy sunshine and snow

With 300 inches of snow and 300 days of sunshine, Santa Fe in Mexico is home to a variety of options for skiers.

This spot offers you to ski all along the snow-covered area. You can book a trip here by booking travel packages to New Mexico for a fabulous vacation.

Before skiing, why don’t you know about the tips of it!



This year around do not plan a usual vacation. Instead, pick one of these destinations around the world for an adventure! Pick your place and go skiing.

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