Festivals of Bhutan in December- A way to experience its vibrant culture and heritage

Festivals of Bhutan in December- A way to experience its vibrant culture and heritage


A celebration is a word which is loaded with emotions and dynamism, and when celebration comes in the form of festivity it energizes the soul all through the year.

Bhutan in December

Is coming to Bhutan in winter a good idea? Yes, it is an excellent plan. You might be worried about the cold but apart from elevations of above the height of 3000 meters you will experience quite pleasant temperatures during a day. Though in the morning, evening and night, you might have to endure mild freezing. Bhutan has become a popular tourist destination for all the tourists ranging from honeymooners to the solo travelers. With monasteries and fortresses, Bhutan is also famous for its vibrant culture and Buddhism as the most practiced religion.

What types of seasons are there in Bhutan?

The small country of Bhutan has four major seasons namely,

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Summer (June to August)
  • Autumn (September to mid-November), and
  • Winter (mid-November to February)

But winter mainly prevails it prevails in Bhutan in December.

Why is it good to visit Bhutan in December?

The best month to visit Bhutan is during the months of October to December. Bhutan in December marks the beginning of winter and hence the temperature stays cool with clear skies, and the place is not much crowded. It creates an ideal environment for a trouble-free and cost-effective Bhutan tour.

Bhutan festivals celebrated in December:

In the month of December, Bhutan gives an opportunity to explore the country by witnessing the various festivals hosted by the locals. 1- Druk Wangyel Tshechu:

This festival is celebrated at the Druk Wangyal Festival ground near Dochula Pass. It is usually a one-day affair but it depicts the rich tradition, custom and culture of the Bhutanese people. This festival honors the service of the courageous and famous Fourth king who had participated in the Armed Forces of the country. Highlights: Thing to see: Druk Wangyel Lhakhang temple 2018 date: 13th of December

2- Trongsa Tshechu:

In the courtyard of Trongsa Dzong, this festival of Trongsa Tshechu is celebrated. It is an ancient festival with the rich traditions of the country of Bhutan. This festival is a huge celebration of 3 days and attracts people from all the ages and places of Bhutan and outside. Highlights: Blessings of the sacred Throngdrol 2018 date: 15th to 17th of December

3- Lhuentse Tshechu:

Lhuentse Tshechu is celebrated in Lhuentse in the easternmost district of Bhutan. The villages celebrated their own unique festivals but what catches the eyes most is the huge annual three-day festival which is celebrated to honor the deities. It is a religious festival where a huge number of devotees gather here to view the festivals. Highlights: The colorful attire of Kushithara, and Lhuentse Dzong 2018 date: 15th to 17th of December

4- Nabji Lhakhang Drup:

Nabji Lhakhang Drup is the festival celebrated in Nabji village of Trongsa. This festival is held in honor of Guru Padmasambhava which is considered as the second Buddha who reinforced Buddhism in Bhutan. Highlights: Tercham (Dance of the treasure) Mewang (Fire Dance) 2018 Date: 22nd to 24th of December Why be a part of the Bhutan festivals? The festivals of Bhutan are so vibrant and colorful that it will compel you to join the people performing dances to enjoy the festivals to the fullest. There are some other reasons too for you to be a part of the Bhutanese culture and traditions.

  • You can join the locals by wearing the finest attires
  • You will be able to realize the meaning of life through dances
  • Receive blessings from the rarely displayed sacred relics
  • Wear the Bhutanese costume by choosing the favorite color
  • You can taste the festival meals like the locals

A perfect combination of Bhutan festivals and the weather of December!! The festivals of Bhutan will give you a lively experience of the way they celebrate their customs and traditions. The masked dances, dramas, and delicacies attract thousands of tourists every year. Visit Bhutan with the most trusted service provider, RS Travels and enjoy the upcoming festivals with joy and happiness in Bhutan.

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