Excite the passion of hiking till the Bhutan Tango Buddhist Monastery

Excite the passion of hiking till the Bhutan Tango Buddhist Monastery


This Buddhist monastery is enriched with history beliefs and mythologies are associated! It dates back to the earliest times of 13th century!  So let us vent for it!! But before that... Distance: 14 kilometers from the Thimphu city Location: It is adjacent to Cheri Mountain Best time to visit: All the seven days of the week but the main gate stays open only on the exact timings Opening hours: 8 am to 5 pm Time to reach the monastery: A hike of 45 minutes

If the information is not enough!! Try exploring the gems on your own!

Tango Buddhist Monastery is one of the most beautiful monasteries to see when you visit Thimphu. And many legends and historical events are related to this ancient monastery. It is also known as Tango Buddhist Institute. Now let us take you on a day trip to Tango!


This monastery was built in the 13th century by Phajo Durgom Zigpo which was restored later in its current form by the fourth temporal ruler Tenzin Rabgye in 1688. Do you want to know?

The exciting history it holds!!

Apart from the fascinating divine legend of how Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal has seen the place of the recent monastery situated is now turned into flames. But the local legend has something else in store for you! The location of the Tango Buddhist Monastery or as now called as Institute is a hallowed place where Avalokiteshwara revealed himself as �the self-emanated form of the wrathful Hayagriva. The Tango Buddhist Institute was even set in Tibet to approve the nature of the location and a ritual was also performed.

What makes the monastery authentic!!

While admiring the structure of the monastery you can get to see that the interior of the monastery is covered with the mural which depicts the art and culture of the Buddhist religion. Visiting here will be a journey to its rich history and heritage.

Along with it, the three-storey monastery has:

  • Six chapels- the Trulku Lhakhang, the Longku Lhakhang, the Choeku Lhakhang, the Guru Lhakhang, the Namsey Lhakhang
  • The inner chapel is dedicated to the Gonkhang, and
  • On the third floor has a unique set of murals which depicts unhappiness at the demise of Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye, at the age of 59 years.

What�s new here!!

Get mesmerized with:

  • A natural fountain in the courtyard of the monastery
  • Jangchub Chorten, made from the ashes of Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye

It sounds creepy. Isn�t it!!

Remember, not to forget!!

You must carry all the essentials like a first-aid kit and other necessities as there are no facilities near the monastery. Not to miss out! Add Tango Buddhist Institute or Monastery on your Thimphu itinerary list and discover new vacation ideas to revisit Bhutan on your next trip!    

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