Enjoy the Top 5 Cultural Tour Experiences in Bhutan

Enjoy the Top 5 Cultural Tour Experiences in Bhutan


Bhutan is the country located in the foothills of Himalaya having a strong cultural significance to explore.

Visiting this country is like entering into a heavenly atmosphere that reduces your stress and mental fatigues.

More than 75% of the population follows Buddhism and that maintains peace and prosperity throughout the nation.

Bhutan lives with proudly along with its rich culture and heritage. Let us take you on a cultural tour.




The Country that Stands Out




Survey reveals that the crime rate in this country is really low and the royal government focuses on the Gross National Happiness. Loving, caring and spiritual values of the people gives you all the good reasons to experience a cultural and adventurous trip. Bhutan is commonly known as ‘The Kingdom of Thunder Dragon and the name is also related with its culture and ethics as the ancestors believe that the sound of the thunder is a holy calling from the dragon.

Let us guide you through the top experiences that you can enjoy here:

So, gather some valid information about the destinations you need to visit after entering the Kingdom of Bhutan

Trek to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery




Paro Takstang popularly known as Tigers Nest monastery is something that gives you a pure ambiance along with the amazing view.

The monastery is located in the steep cliff wall and shares an interesting story behind. Bhutanese believes that this place was chosen by a tigress to subdue a local demon. This monastery is dedicated to the Buddhist figure, Guru Rinpoche.

The scenic beauty and the chants help you medicate very easily as we normally get distracted from such practice due to noise and other obstacles.

Spending quality time in this monastery is something you can experience even in this generation.

Infertilty Temple of Chimi Lhakhang




Visiting the temple of Chimi Lhakhang situated in Penukha district is something that one must experience during the Bhutan trip because it makes you feel something special and unique. Worshipping the Devine Madman aka Drukpa Kunley believes to be auspicious especially for infertile women. You can find the painting of penis in the wall which again shares a story where Drukpa Kunley subdued a demon with a magic thunderbolt of wisdom, which is nothing but his penis. A walk towards this temple will make you understand the culture of Bhutan in a genuine manner. Couples prefer to visit this temple after marriage for a happy and successful married life.

Be a part of traditional festivals




Festivals will portray a clearer picture of the culture and ethics which makes it important to be a part of it.

Tshechu is the most important festival of Bhutan and celebrated in almost every district. Thimphu Tshechu is celebrated in the month of September at the capital city Thimphu and Paro Tshechu at Paro in the month of March.

People wear a mask with vibrant costumes and dance with the beat of drums and turbulent to share happiness.

The festival bestowed good luck and make the wishes come true. Along with Tshechu the country celebrates Jambay Lhakhang Drup in the month of October to honor Guru Rimpoche.

Punakha Drubchen is celebrated in the month of February, where people do dramatic dances to remember the 17th century battle with the Tibetan army. Lastly, Haa Summer festival is celebrated in the month of July to resemble the culture of nomadic living in Haa valley with the local sport, folk songs and tasting local cuisines.

By tasting the local cuisines




Some say that one can describe the goodness of one place by tasting the local food.

The same logic occurs over here when you start exploring the food that tastes so yummy and spicy.

The weather of Bhutan appeals the habitats to use more chilies in their dishes and that makes Bhutanese to fall in love with chilies. ‘Ema Datshi’ is one of the most popular dishes which is made from cheese and chilies and normally served with hot red rice.




Shakam Datshi and Khewa Datshi are two varieties of Ema Datchi where dried beef and potatoes are introduced to the dish.

Jasha Maroo is spicy chicken where diced chicken is mixed with garlic, coriander leaves, and onions. Phaksha Paa is made with slices of pork and red chilies with white mustard cabbage.

There are so many other dishes available that makes your mouth watering whenever you visit the country.

Spend quality time at Punakha Dzong




Punakha Dzong must be visited once you dare to experience the culture of Bhutan because this fort-monastery is known for its religious significance along with the administrative connection.

Dont get confused with this monastery with Chimi Lhakhang temple.

The location of this monastery makes it visually attractive and appealing as you can find two rivers meeting at one point.

Po Chuu and Mo Chuu are two rivers that meet together at this point and allow you to do river rafting.

The adventure and scenic beauty of this place make this a place of great happiness.

You can discover yourself one more time by visiting Bhutan – The kingdom of thunder dragon.

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Bhutan and its culture explain a lot about human civilization and the importance of living a life with happiness and joy.

Buddhism is widely practiced in this country and that makes the people kind and reverent towards one another.

One can find peace with mental balance by staying some good time at Bhutan.

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