Embark On An Expedition To Discover The Tigers Of Buxa

Embark On An Expedition To Discover The Tigers Of Buxa


Dooars or Duars that lies at the alluvial floodplains of the outer foothills of the Himalaya and north of the Brahmaputra River Basin is surely one of the best jungle destinations in the country. Nature, jungle and wildlife lovers can plan a short trip to this evergreen tourist place which will regard you with a sense of relaxation with its agglomeration of hills, small rivulets, evergreen forests, lush tea gardens and an abundance of flora & fauna. Dooars tourism packages will also take you to explore some of the breathtaking natural views and exciting adventure spots in its top attraction places to make your journey enduring.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

 Buxa Tiger Reserve is an added attraction of the jungle paradise, Dooars. Nestled in the green foothills of the Alipurduar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district, this is one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries of West Bengal. In fact, the place holds pride in preserving Royal Bengal Tigers. Not only Tigers, but the Reserve is also a home to a profuse species of flora and fauna. From migratory birds to varied species of animals and unique plants, you can enjoy a total wildlife safari by availing the best and customized Dooars tour package. On a trip to this beautiful Wildlife Sanctuary, you will not only find Tigers and animals and birds, but you can also catch a glimpse of its tropical evergreen forests adorned with beautiful Sal and Teak forests which will offer you a retreat of being amidst the serenity of nature. Apart from this, you will also get to explore a vast array of endangered animals and avian species like Asian Elephant, Wild Boar, Palm Civet, Malayan Giant Squirrels, Chinese Pangolin, Fork-tails, White Eyed Poached, Hornbills, and Goosanders etc. Thus, your Dooars trip package to Buxa Tiger Reserve will simply be a hair-raising experience.

Best Time to Visit

 Dooars, as well as Buxa Tiger Reserve, is a year-round tourist destination. In fact, every year, countless visitors from every corner of the world come to enjoy wildlife safari at this excellent forest place. The Reserve is basically open throughout the year, except during rainy season because the forest remains closed. October to April is probably the best time to visit Buxa Reserve but if you really want to take a close look at its wildlife, March to April is a perfect time. Opening hours for Buxa Tiger Reserve: All days of the week between 9 AM to 5 PM. Entry Fees: Free Entry.

How to Reach Buxa Tiger Reserve

By Air : Nearest airport to Buxa Tiger Reserve is the Bagdogra Airport which is approximately at a distance of 160 km. By Rail: There are basically two railheads which lead to the Reserve. One is the Alipurduar Junction (17 km) and the other is the New Jalpaiguri Railway station at a distance of 150 km. By Road: Buxa Tiger Reserve can be conveniently accessed by road either from Alipurduar, the main town, otherwise from Siliguri. The Buxa National Park or Tiger Reserve is a perfect stopover for tourists, who want to savor the flavor of the green environ endowed with bizarre wildlife and also get close to the tribal activities of the people in Dooars.

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