Car rental in Bhutan- Paro Airport transfer and Phuentsholing taxi

Car rental in Bhutan- Paro Airport transfer and Phuentsholing taxi


 The mesmerizing kingdom of mystery, mountains, and monasteries hold the reputation of being the worlds happiest country. Since it has opened itself to the outside world, it has charmed the wanderlusts and travel fanatics across the globe. Bhutan is the dream come true for the peace seekers and pilgrims, for the souls that seek to know about culture and age-old traditions, and the ones that seek to discover more of the hidden mysterious realm and prefers to get intrigued by the unheard Bhutanese folklores. So, if you dream of an ideal vacation, then ditch the rest and prepare to encounter extraordinary with Bhutan car rental services.

Why do you need Bhutan cars and taxi in Bhutan?

Bhutan offers two modes of entry in its domain, one, by air, two, by road trip. Despite your preference of traveling to Bhutan either by air or by road, youll need Bhutan car rental for the convenience of your further journey, like for reaching your hotel and to thoroughly explore the best sightseeing destinations in Bhutan. It is certain that while you travel to a new country for the first time, you require a lot of assistance about the route and the destinations that youre traveling to. So, while traveling to Bhutan, you can avail the best Bhutan car rental at best rates so that you obtain and enjoy the independence of traveling in Bhutan like a local. Besides, you can visit the major sightseeing places across the country in your own convenient time as a tourist. With car hire in Bhutan, you will be exposed to open-traffic free road and the independence of road tripping and sightseeing as per your desired time and convenience.

Cheap and budget-friendly car hire charges in Bhutan

Want to measure your journey to the Dragon Kingdom with incredible experiences? You are just a few steps away; so, make it happen today with a cheap car rental in Bhutan. The authorized travel agency in Bhutan RS Travels provides superior quality cars in Bhutan at considerably low prices for you. You can choose the best cars from a wide range of luxury and ultra modern collection as per your preference and convenience. You can rely on them for the best quality car rental services like Paro Airport transfer, Phuentsholing car hire, sightseeing, or an adventure drive, local pick up and drops, business tours, etc. Your preferred destination could be anywhere across the kingdom but, there is no need to worry about the Bhutan car rental rates or, Bhutan taxi rates. Since they all come at the best deals and affordable cost provided with courteous and well trained or well-experienced driver who owns a fair amount of knowledge in the sightseeing places in Bhutan and its history.

A brief idea about Bhutan traffic while obtaining Bhutan taxi services

Bhutan is the land of breathtaking landscapes with dotting ancient Dzongs and dazzling monasteries that features the architectural craftsmanship of the ancient Buddhists. The ethereal charm of Bhutan is best seen in every element of nature such as forests covered with wildflowers, lush green meadows, and vast stretched rice covered vales, snow decked peaks, passes and homelike chortens with thousands of prayer flags fluttering against the cold Himalayan air. Such is just a glimpse into the enchanting kingdom of Bhutan. Perhaps that is why it has cast its spell on the travel fanatics from worldwide. Besides, the country implores the travelers with its age-old dazzling culture and traditions, or is it because of its geographical isolation that it appears intriguing? Well, come and discover on your own with Bhutan taxi services. You may even wonder about the number of traffic obstructions that a tourist has to undergo in a tourism-oriented country? Well, the most bizarre part is; Bhutan is the only country in the world which has embraced the Gross National Happiness over GDP. Besides, the country has set a limit on the number of accessibility of tourists in its domain, for the country values and preserves its age-old traditions from the influence from the outside world. Its a religious country where the Buddhism is a way of life, not simply a religion. So, when it comes about the traffic in Bhutan, the roads are always free of traffic and horns. The capital city Thimpu is the only city in the world without traffic lights. So, road trips in Bhutan can be truly a delightful experience with Bhutan car rental services that always comes with just a few clicks, and easy booking procedures, eventually adding more fun and adventure along with your quest for more while traveling to Bhutan, the country of endless bliss.

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