Bhutan Tourism - Major Attractions

Bhutan Tourism - Major Attractions


‘Feel the spiritual vibes by exploring the last Shangri La’

Happiness and peace can be discovered in a new medium once you entered the kingdom of the thunder dragon.

The geographical location of this country makes it one of the best destinations in the entire world which remain blissful throughout the year.

You can enjoy the severing cold during the winter whereas the mountains look stunning during the summer as the country receives mild afternoon showers that happen once every two or three days and the country remain dry which makes it suitable for traveling.

Spending time in Bhutan is really enjoyable and comfortable because the people are very friendly and helpful by maintaining the diversified culture.

75% of the entire population follows Buddhism in this country which makes it peaceful and non-violent. All the citizens are happy and they love their king which helps them to work for the development of the nation dedicatedly.

The government of Bhutan concentrates towards the Gross National Happiness rather than GDP by keeping the people satisfied with their heart and soul.

When you enter this peaceful and beautiful country you visit some of the major attractions to discover the unknown facts about this amazing land.

Some of the Major Attractions in Bhutan:

Taking the blessings from Tiger’s Nest Monastery

The ultimate destination, where one can find nature at its best along with the rich cultural significance of the country.

The story reveals that Guru Rinpoche who is considered as second Buddha saved the people from a local demon with the help of a tigress.

The monastery hangs in the cliff of a mountain and looks so attractive through eyes that you will start taking pictures once you reach the place.

You can walk through the narrow stairs and take blessings from the monks and light lambs for good fortune.

Tigers Nest monastery is located in Paro which is known for its beauty and mesmerizing landscape.

The valley gets covered with Rhododendron by making the land look like heaven on earth.

Visiting this monastery is something that you never miss during your stay in Bhutan.

 Bird-eye view from Zuri Dzong Hike

Zuri Dzong Hike is the most ideal place to get the bird-eye of entire Paro valley. This destination will take you in the wildness of nature with an amazing experience to share with friends.

Your Instagram posts will get more likes by capturing the view you find out there.

The Dzong is considered as the oldest Dzong of Bhutan where Buddha came for meditation in the 8th century.

This wonder place attracts tourist and Bhutanese to look into the beauty of nature and getting lost into it.

You can visit this destination throughout the year without facing any problem.

There is no entry fee for visiting this place which makes it one of the must watch places in Bhutan.

Beautiful Rinpung Dzong

Rinpung Dzong is popularly known as ‘The Fortress on a Heap of Jewels and built in the 16th century.

This destination is considered to be a spiritual place where you can find other temples shrines like Kungarwa, Monk’s assembly hall, Sandalwood stupa, protector’s shrine and so on.

It is better to visit this place during the festive time as Tshechu is celebrated in this place annually.

During the festival monks and people wear a mask with vibrant clothes to perform their religious practices.

They dance and do procession to spread and culture the teachings of Guru Rinpoche. The mask dance tells about the story of good and evil with lots of enjoyment and food.

Taking part in Festivals

Taking part in the festival is something like getting deep roots of Bhutan and its culture.

People of Bhutan makes you feel comfortable with them where you can dance, eat local cuisines and enjoy every moment of your stay.

Tshechu is the most popular festival which is celebrated in different districts but Paro Tshechu (March) and Thimphu Tshechu (September) are better known to outsiders.

Other festivals like Jambay Lhakhang Drup (October), Punakha Drubchen (February), Black-Necked Crane Festival (November) and Haa Summer Festival (August) comes with lots of celebration and joy.

Festivals are an attraction for many tourists who like you understand the inner stories hiding in the tradition, major attraction in Bhutan and it’s interesting.

Exploring Wildlife

Do you know that Bhutan is the first carbon negative and organic country in the world? 71% of the area is covered by forest and that makes Bhutan a wonderful destination to stay and visit.

People who are interested in wildlife surely love this country for rare wildlife. Some of the biodiversity hotspots in Asia is available here.

You can find Takin (national animal of Bhutan), Bharal, Goral, Serow, Musk Deer, Dhole, Binturong, Yellow-throated marten, Golden Langur, Tibetan Wolf, Clouded leopard, Snow leopard and so on.

To find this are animals you need to visit Wangchuck Centennial National Park, Royal Manas National Park, Motithang Takin Preserve, Jigme Dorji National Park, Phobjikha Valley National Park, and Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park.

This divine land is blessed with the teachings of Buddhism and maintains the natural treasures to make the country perfect and pleasant for traveling.

Major attractions in Bhutan appeal you to be a part of this cultural trip in terms of getting inner peace.

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