Bhutan Bicycle Tours- Grab some thrilling experience with your friends

Bhutan Bicycle Tours- Grab some thrilling experience with your friends


Bhutan, a beautiful country, is not only a cultural hub but an enthralling place for the Adventure lovers. Endowed with fascinating mountain terrains and serene landscapes, it is an ultimate place for cycling enthusiasts. Both on-road and off-road, Bhutan offers a perfect setting for the bicycle tour with your friends to get the thrilling experience. The rides are highly adventurous as well as very much challenging and cyclists are rewarded with breathtaking views of forested valleys. Furthermore,Bhutan Bicycle Toursare famous for providing a variety of biking routes to the tourists that range from smooth journeys on paved roads to challenging journeys on dirt trails. It is advisable to choose the biking route as per your fitness level. If you are true adventure lovers, you should explore Bhutan on a bicycle with your friends. Bhutan Bicycle Tours offer you an unforgettable experience for a lifetime, on account of the following:

1. Thrilling experience during short biking routes & long routes:

If you are a person who is not used to cycling but still desires to experience Bhutan tour through cycling with your friends, then you should try out the relatively shorter routes. These routes have comparatively a low level of risk. However, cycling through the long routes in Bhutan you will explore the spellbinding beauty of the Haa valley and Thimphu valleys.

2. Get some exciting moments during your bicycle tour:

Certain routes of Bhutan Cycling tours are specifically designed to bring you closer to the high mountains and beautiful landscapes. And it makes your cycling trip as one of the most adventurous moments of your Holidays in Bhutan. The audacious level is definitely increased here, as the roads are related to some remote places. Also, you can get closer to the pristine Phobjikha valley, the castle on the foothills of the Himalayas and also enjoy the magnificent beauty of Gasa Dzong.

3. A route which gives you a heavenly feeling:

The route from Paro to Bumthang is regarded as the best route of Bhutan cycling tour to explore the scenic beauty of Bhutan. Hence, it is no less than a paradise. You can explore the eye-catching view of the Paro valley from the high cliff,one of the most popular destinations in Bhutan.

Be aware about the condition of the road:

Though Bhutan cycling tour is one of the most adventurous activities in Bhutan, you should always be aware of the condition of the roads, to be on the safer side with your friends. As the traffic is quite moderate in Bhutan and the main roads are paved, so, cycling with your friends would not be dangerous on the road of Bhutan. Hence, no need to be concerned about the safety measures of your friends during Bhutan cycling Tours. Just carry your own cycle or hire one from Bhutan and enjoy the relishing moments of your life. Popular FAQs: Q. What is the best time to explore Bhutan in a bicycle? A. September to October is the best time to explore Bhutan through the bicycle with your friends, as this time the roads remain dust-free and less slippery. Q. How many days will it require to explore the whole of Bhutan in a bicycle? A. An approx of around 13 days are required for exploring the whole of Bhutan on a bicycle. Q. What are the necessary things that we should carry during Bhutan cycling tours? Here is a complete list of items that you should carry during your Bhutan cycling tours-

  • Raincoats and Umbrellas
  • Heavy woolens garments and jackets
  • Comfortable flat shoes and a pair of trainers/hiking shoes
  • Motion sickness medicine
  • Sunscreens
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Debit/credit card
  • Power back-up
  • Some dry fruits
  • Water bottle

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