Bhutan- an educational trip to top 5 excursion spots for students

Bhutan- an educational trip to top 5 excursion spots for students


Perched beautifully on the foothills of Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is the only country where the Government measures the development in terms of Gross National Happiness. To the local people preserving the ethnicity is the more important than material things. Bhutan is the world�s best travel kept secret with snow-covered mountains, and lush green landscapes. Travel with RS Travels and get the wonderful experience of Bhutan.

An Educational tour in Bhutan

Travelling is good for everyone to know themselves better. For starters, it will be exciting to know about the places, the people, their culture, traditions. It broadens your mind and you see the surroundings in a whole new way. This is just one part of traveling. The other part is it educates you as well. Travel and education are two wonderful terms which can be blended well together to know a place better. And one such place we call a perfect destination of education is Bhutan, which gives you a complete overview of the Buddhist art and culture. So, why not travel to Bhutan with your classmates to explore and learn about this beautiful country.

The educational spots for students to see in Bhutan are:

1-National Museum of Bhutan-

 It is a cultural museum situated in the western side of Bhutan in Paro. This museum was established within the renovated walls of Ta Dzong in 1968. The museum has seven stories with six floors of exhibits which can be an educational tour to make students know about the culture of Bhutan.

Things to see inside the museum:

  • The egg of a mule.
  • Large vessels and items for farm use.
  • Modern and traditional weapons like guns, swords, etc
  • Collection of woven and basketry items.
  • Specimens of animals like Takin, Snow leopards, butterflies, and birds.
  • Ritual objects like cymbals, daggers, thunderbolts, etc
  • Collection of coins, historic jewelry, traditional costumes, amulets, amulets cases, and gold inlay
  • Prehistoric items like adzes, earthenware pots and religious items like ritual daggers, swords, etc
  • The beautiful thangka paintings of Buddhism
  • The rich collection of Bhutanese stamps


Visiting Hours- 9 am to 4 pm (Tuesday to Saturday) 11 am to 4 pm (Sundays) Location- Paro, Bhutan

2-National Library-

 This National Library was established in the year 1967. It is a four-storied building with a huge collection of Buddhist literature. It was mainly built to preserve ancient Dzongkha and Tibetan texts. This library represents a tourist and an educational destination in Bhutan.

Things to see inside the library-

  • The library has the collection of ancient Bhutanese Literature on religion, culture, history & social traditions.
  • It provides the facilities for research and other academic pursuits.
  • The library preserved old and rare books & manuscripts
  • It also preserved traditional xylographic blocks.
  • The library promotes and publishes the literary works on traditional and contemporary themes.


Visiting Hours- 9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday) Duration- 1 hour Location- Thimphu, Bhutan

3- National Memorial Chorten-

 Another unique structure of Bhutan is the National Memorial Chorten. It was built in 1974, in the honor of the Father of Modern Bhutan also known as Thimphu Chorten. The interior and exterior both have to be seen properly as it depicts the kingdom�s rich Buddhist philosophy. This stupa is a prominent landmark in the city of golden spires and bells.

Things to see inside the Stupa-

  • It has teachings of Vajrakilya, Drukpa Lineage, Nyingmapa sect

and Lama Gongdu

  • It has paintings depicting various deities of Nyingma School
  • A gallery which will offer spectacular views of the city


Visiting Hours- 7 am to 9 am Location- Chhoten Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

4- Gangtey Goemba-

 This temple sits on the crest of a hill, overlooking majestic views of the Phobjikha Valley. This is the reason why it is also named as �the temple on the hilltop�. This temple was built in 1613 is said to be the largest temple in Bhutan. It is also an educational destination to understand the life of the monks.

Things to see inside the temple:

  • Prayer Halls
  • Monk�s Quarters
  • Meditation Centres
  • Gangtey Tshechu and Black Crane Festival during the months of November to March


Visiting Hours- 9 am (Monday to Sunday), Busiest Days (Friday to Sunday) Duration- 30 minutes Location- Phobjikha Valley, Gangtey, Bhutan

5- Taktsang Monastery-

 This monastery is also known as Tiger�s Nest Monastery. It is Bhutan�s one of the most sacred religious sites. The monastery hangs on a cliff with a beautiful forest of blue pine and rhododendrons. Even students can visit the monastery to study about the origin and foundation of the monastery.

Things you get to see till you reach the monastery-

  • People selling souvenirs and hiking poles
  • Taktsang cafeteria
  • Pass through tons of prayer flags
  • Spin the prayer wheels
  • Get the clear view of the monastery
  • Near the monastery, a bridge covered in prayer flags


Location- Paro, Bhutan Best time to visit- October to March (8 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm daily), April to September (8 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm) Entry Formalities- Security Registration Tips- Deposit bags and camera, no photography, shoes to be kept outside.

Why Bhutan for an educational tour?

Bhutan is one of the perfect examples of maintenance and sustenance of the environment around us. Students must also visit Bhutan to know of the secrets behind the smiles that doesn�t fade so easily from the faces of the locals. Educational tours give the students an insight to the monasteries, temples and the rich culture of Bhutan. Through these tours, students can get to know new things about every country and make them advance in every field of education. So to experience an educational journey, RS Travels is giving you the opportunity to explore Bhutan both travel and education on an affordable trip.

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