Bhutan - A Serene Destination, Feel the Peace

Bhutan - A Serene Destination, Feel the Peace


“Simple living and high thinking is the actual mantra of the Bhutanese people. Would you like to know why?”

A nation that measures the concept of happiness and is delightfully away from the influence of Western countries, Bhutan- a serene destination is worldly experience. Its hilltop monasteries, local life, festivals, and rich biodiversity makes it one of the most visited destinations with the best Bhutan tour operators for the travelers.

All in all, Bhutan is all about a heartwarming charismatic experience- Let’s find out how!

Embracing the beauty of Bhutan

  • Terraced rice fields lining the mountainside
  • Breathtaking view of the Black Mountains
  • The giant statue of Buddha Dordenma overlooking Thimphu
  • Fluttering prayer flags sending prayers
  • The stunning view of Phobjikha valley
  • The flight of the Black-Necked Cranes
  • The scenic view of the towns

Finding peace…

One of the main attractions of Bhutan is its constant focus on peacefulness. So let’s explore the serenity by booking the best Bhutan tour operators.

Be amazed by stunning natural beauty


Due to Bhutans unique climatic conditions, Bhutan is the last biodiversity hotspots. With the law of maintaining at least 60% forest area, today 80% of land covered with forest in Bhutan. It also has many national parks and sanctuaries.

The pursuit of Gross National Happiness


Who wouldnt like to visit the happiest country of the world? Bhutan was one of the first countries in the world to proudly introduce the concept of Gross National Happiness. This unique concept has spread peace and serenity among the people of Bhutan.

Welcome to the land of monasteries


Bhutan- a serene destination is not only just popular for its breathtaking beauty but also for its marvelous Buddhist monasteries. Located far away from the crowded town and tourist destinations, the monasteries in Bhutan take you on a peaceful journey.

Solace in the mountains of Bhutan


Would you like to find peace amidst the mountains of Bhutan? The crispy air with the fluttering prayer flags, Bhutan- a serene destination has some of the most amazing mountain views which will offer peace and beauty together in one place. Get ready to explore!

Tourist destinations you should include

Just finding peace must not be the main motive, these destinations must also be listed on your Bhutan travel list.

  • Paro
  • Phuentsholing
  • Thimphu
  • Punakha
  • Jakar
  • Wangduephodrang
  • Bumthang
  • Phobjikha Valley

Do not just sit at home but choose the best Bhutan tour operators and explore the beauty and peace of Bhutan.

Book your tickets before you lose your chance!

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