Tips To Follow During Adventure Sports in Darjeeling

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Apart from the scenic natural beauty, Darjeeling is also home to breathtaking adventures. There is it is known as the land of tea, tourism and thrill. The adventure enthusiasts experience the perfect adrenaline rush amid the soul-thrilling activities in the Queen of Hills. You must have heard about the famous adventure sports in Darjeeling. Discover the real essence of excitement while taking the adventures filled with challenges in Darjeeling.

Some of the adventure sports quite popular in Darjeeling are trekking, rock climbing, white water rafting, paragliding and much more. Come to Darjeeling and live the thrill. 

Tips For Adventure Sports in Darjeeling

There are some generalized tips to know before going for the adventure sports in Darjeeling like ensuring physical fitness of the body and mind, eating light (not so light), make sure of the safety measures, exercise or warm-up before actually going for it and do it under a professional guide.

Every adventure sport is different; you could want to fly above the hills, climb at the top or surf your way in the clear waters. Although different, but each activity serves the purpose of soul satisfaction. However, the preparations could be slightly contrasting.


  • You must practice walking a few days before your trekking day
  • Add enough fluids, green vegetables and fruits to your diet
  • Carry enough water in a reusable water bottle
  • You must have medicinal backups in case of emergency

Rock Climbing

  • Get a thorough checkup of your physique with an expert
  • You should not be overweight or underweight
  • You must get training and a brief idea about the protocols of rock climbing
  • Indulge in exercises like gymnastics to increase flexibility
  • Talk to a professional and carry all the essentials with you

White water rafting

  • Consume foods with high energy like carbohydrate-rich diet
  • Have a practice of jogging
  • You must know how to work in a team with co-ordination
  • Know about how to respond in emergency situations
  • Carry all the safety equipment


  • Listen to the expert and do not try anything extra while the flight
  • Be well-equipped with all the safety measures like a helmet, jacket, etc
  • Get your weight and BMI checked prior to the flight
  • Hold the harness tight and strong as guided by the expert
  • If you feel panicky, instantly inform the guide

Adventures are all about adding that x-factor to your trips. Ensure about the safety measures and follow these tips to enhance the experience of these adventure sports in Darjeeling. Enjoy each second of the thrill and gather a plethora of stories to tell when you get back home.

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