A little guide for an exciting trip to Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

A little guide for an exciting trip to Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary


We all love having a closer look at the different actions of animals and birds. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place for you to bring out the wilderness within you.

About Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

It is one of the newest protected natural reserves covered with lush deciduous forests. This is an added charm to this sanctuary which makes it look more beautiful. The Sanctuary is also popularly called the �Paradise of Rhododendrons� as it is spread with red Rhododendrons on the floor of the forest. It is the lost world of biodiversity. So, if you are still unknown with this Sanctuary then let us take you for a short guide with the top travel agents and tour operators in Bhutan.

What to know...

Location: Trashigang District in Bhutan Area: 750 km2 Best time to visit: March to September

Did you know...

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary was established to protect the unknown snow mountain man, �Yeti� or �Migoi�. However, the character has not yet seen by the tourists, but the villagers believed to have seen the footprints at night.

The diversity of the Sanctuary:

The sanctuary is home to a vast range of plants, animals and birds species. Such as:

  • 20 mammal species and 147 bird species
  • 35 species of Rhododendrons
  • 203 species of trees including herbs, shrubs, and small trees

The hidden gem of the Sanctuary:

It is home to the most isolated and indigenous semi-Nomadic tribe called as Brokpas. They are not so keen or willing to interact with the outsiders.

The vibrant floral diversity of the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary:

This sanctuary represents the diversity of the Himalayan terrestrial ecosystems, alpine meadows, temperate forest, and broadleaf forest. It also includes Bhutan�s national flower, the blue poppy, and Rhododendrons, Blue pine and the rarest flowers like primulas also bloom during the spring season which spreads beautiful colors.

The rich faunal diversity of the Sanctuary:

The Sanctuary has a wide range of faunal diversity which protects the threatened and endangered species like the-

  • Red Panda
  • Himalayan Serow
  • Wild Dog
  • Goral
  • Common Leopard
  • Himalayan Black Bear
  • Musk Deer
  • Jungle Cat, etc

Many birds are also present here to give you an opportunity to see the exotic range of bird species while visiting this sanctuary like:

  • Blood Pheasants
  • Grey Headed Woodpecker
  • Dark-breasted Rose Finch
  • Grey Backed Shrike

Activities to do in the Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is the best option to choose for exciting treks, especially the Merak-Sakteng trek. It is not an opportunity which is available to all due to the rugged path but it is once in a lifetime experience. Birdwatching is also allowed to witness the wide variety of bird species. Yes, do not forget to keep your camera ready to capture these amazing wonders of nature!

Get your backpack ready for stepping into the wildlife of Bhutan

If you want to test your strength by trekking or you are a nature lover then do visit Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary this winter. You can bring out your love for nature by getting indulged with the animals and bird species of the Sanctuary.

Popular FAQs:

Q: Are there any entry fees for visiting the Sanctuary? A: No, there are no entry fees for visiting the Sanctuary. You can visit without entry charges inside the sanctuary. Q: What is the average height of Merak-Sakteng Trek? A: The minimum elevation of the trek is 1,500 m and the maximum elevation is 4,100 m.

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